Thursday, January 1, 2015

MisterFindit - Absolute Auction begins TODAY!!!!

Mister Find IT is having an absolute auction, starting today and it will start closing January 18, 2015.
About a year ago, he closed a brick and mortar store of antiques and collectables and everything must go. On top of that, he and his wife are getting ready to move across country. So, this is an opportunity for you to check out his items and get some good deals!
Everything starts at $1.00!!
He has quite a few of the Flash comics!
He has other rings, tie clips, necklaces, and bracelets!
Various books for sale, all starting out at $1.00!
He has other controllers and consoles available, all starting at $1.00!
He has other tools and supplies available, too!
So, if  you are someone who likes finding deals, check out MisterFindIT on!
You can also look at his personal website, Mister Find It. Anything you wish to bid on, just click on it and it will direct you back to the auction listing on OLA.
Have a great time Shopping! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Still looking for that hard to find item??

I've been looking around the past few days and I'm amazed at some of the new items that are waiting for YOU!!
We have more stores, more sellers and more items and gaining because OLA lets the seller run the store the way they want to with no demands!
So, come take a peek at what is listed!
Some of the newer stores that I noticed:


Or for the really unusual, how about AllChips! If you collect uncirculated chips, here is the place to shop!!
So, if you have a few bucks left or are just still looking, check out! It's a great place to shop! Friendly sellers, small town atmosphere!
If you are looking to buy something that will benefit others, check out our new store, Cancer No More!
This store is all to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or the American Cancer Society!!
We also sell on Korn Kountry Treasures, so please stop by sometime!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Make Fireplace Logs From Newspapers – Quick & Easy!


Fold up small sections of newspapers, then stuff them together to form logs.

Large sections are more difficult to work with.


  1. Lay out a few small sections of newspaper with the folded sides together and the folded ends away from you. Offset the bottom section so it’s a little farther out (to make it easier to fold in, later).

  2. Fold the newspaper over twice, to about halfway,
    then tuck the top edge into the end to hold it in place. It should stay together the way newspapers used to be delivered, before they started stuffing them into plastic bags. This completes your first roll.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second roll.

  4. Take the raw ends of the first roll and pinch them together.
    Make sure there's a nice hole in the 2nd roll, with no page ends blocking the path,
    then carefully stuff the pinched end of the first roll into the raw end hole of the second roll.

  5. Push the first roll as far as you can into the second roll to form a sturdy fit and a log that’s just the right size for a regular fireplace or wood stove. DONE!

I use a paper grocery bag on its side or end to keep the logs under control.

This is a messy job. Your hands will be almost black when you’re finished, so you might want to wear gloves if you have some that aren’t too clumsy.

When you’re ready to enjoy a nice cozy fire, here are some OLA listings to go along with it:

Friday, October 17, 2014

How Do You Think You're Going To Sell That Item?

So you haven't heard from me lately. I know. I could give you the usual, "I've been busy..." excuse,  but truly, I just haven't had much to say. That changed last night, however, when I decided to browse a category at OLA. Oh my goodness! Folks, how do you think you're going to sell that item? I was a serious buyer last night, and so disappointed to find more than a few auctions that lacked vital information that every seller should include in order to close a sale.

Now before anyone gets offended, let me say that not all the auctions I viewed were a disgrace. OLA has many experienced, professional sellers, and to those that care enough to be one of those, I salute you. The others? I certainly will not name names. We should discuss, though, the years of posts and mounds of information that has been shared in the chat room at OLA regarding best practices for listing, for photographing, for shipping, for Search Engine Optimization, etc. Apparently some sellers have not listened. Or learned. Or tried. (Are they the ones complaining that sales are non-existent?)

Yes, sales are slow. Hopefully we'll see an uptake with the Holidays approaching. But even in my full-time job, which includes managing an antique store, we feel that antique purchasing has slowed considerably over, say, the past 10 years. Everything being cyclic, we all pray for that cycle to come back to our type of goods. Practicing proper selling techniques online, all the time, can help keep a seller prepared for a sale at any time. (Like me, window shopping last night!)

So there I was in the Antiques category. Two hundred fifty-six auctions. I couldn't wait to dive in and shop! Let me tell you, I looked at each auction. First of all, can I ask you a question? What age is appropriate to be using the terms Antique, Vintage and Retro? (Please answer in the comments!) It's a personal pet peeve, feeling like I am being misled by sellers who mislabel products with those popular words.
I've always tried to abide by the following:
  • Antique is 100+ years old.
  • Vintage is 20 - 100 years old
  • Retro is up to 20 years old, but not "last year's model". 

Next, let's talk about descriptions and titles. Seriously, I saw an auction that the seller did not even tell what they were selling. The items were photographed beautifully, but nowhere in the title or the description did it say what those items were. Another auction had a fantastic item, but it was difficult to determine size based upon the photo, and this seller did not give any measurements.

Really? Common sense should prevail here. If I cannot hold it in my hands, and talk to you about it, you ought to write to me as if selling this item is your first priority, your singular objective. Not just a few words of how great it is! I need details... as many as you have. It's that simple.

Kudos on the photographs, sellers! I mean it. Either cameras have gotten so ridiculously good, or people have finally realized that quality pictures are worth the effort.

Now about the Shipping Policy area...
I really don't care if you have to walk 10 miles, uphill, barefoot, in the snow, to get to your Post Office, and stand in line for an hour in order to purchase postage for my item. All I need to know is: What's it gonna cost me? And be fair, please. We all know postage is outrageous, but if I think you're scamming me in that arena, I will breeze past your auction towards the guy who sells with exact shipping costs.

Please go to the chat room and find the help sections and tutorials on ways to improve your listings. So many sellers have shared knowledge and experience. Surely there is something there that will assist you in creating attractive listings, filled with relevant content.

In the past I've written plenty of blog posts about how I love OLA, (I do!), and how to get the most out of selling at a place where you control every aspect of your business. This time I am blogging from a buyer's point of view and I just can hardly believe that after all this time, and all the coaching, and all the struggling, there are still sellers out there that resist change... that don't want to evolve into sellers who can operate outside the walls of eBay. (Yes, I said it!) Well, listen up. I am not gonna buy from you. And it's doubtful if anyone else will, either.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cancer No More - Help the Cause

On September 1, 2014, we at, lost a dear friend and member, Jennie Vibbard Wescott. Her user name was DraggonTagger and she was a dragon, successfully battling cancer 8 times! She lost the 9th battle but she won the war! Cancer no longer has a hold on her! She is FREE! But we will sure miss her!
Jen was our Welcome Dragon at OLA! She always went out of her way to help other members, making friends along the way, not just acquaintances but real friends. She opened her heart and her doors to others in need. And her positive attitude was always in the forefront! Even while battling cancer herself, she was reaching out to others to help them along their journey.
Jen, our DraggonTagger, will always be remembered . . . . for her down to earth humor, her honesty, and her strength and positive energy. Her user name has been reserved. Her store front will always be there on in her memory. Chris and Val Fain, the owners, are making sure she is remembered.
Jen and I shared a passion for crochet. She made the cutest purses out of plastic bags called Plarn Purses! And she crocheted booties and hats galore! She did such beautiful work!
I have gathered (and keep gathering!) quite a selection of items that I thought of selling online but decided instead to open a new store, Cancer No More, and donating the major bulk of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Most items costs $2 to ship so the greater portion will be donated towards finding a cure. I do have some purses that I am finishing up and these are a little more but I will detail how much is being donated in the listings.
I also have dozens of Prayer Doilies that I made and the proceeds for these will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I started crocheting these when my husband was fighting AML. These also are $2 to ship and $10 will be donated to LLS.
Should you decide to buy, you will receive the item and a receipt showing the donation. So, please consider purchasing from my store and helping a great cause! Or, if you prefer, you can also donate directly to either the American Cancer Society or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by clicking on one of the items for sale. I've put direct links in so that people who want to help but do not want to purchase anything can do so.
Either way, we MUST find a cure for cancer! Every person has or will be touched by this dreadful disease . . . . . . . every penny collected will help. Cancer knows no boundaries, no age is immune to it, and rich or poor, it doesn't matter, cancer can and will strike! It must be stopped! That's where you come in.
Thank you . . . . in advance for your generosity and  for taking the time to read this post . . . . . please check out some of the items I have for sale and stop in to Cancer No More to see the others I have listed!


Please share this post and Like my FaceBook page, Cancer No More, to help get the word out! Thank you so much for your help and support!
I do have another store on, Korn Kountry Treasures, if  you wish to see my feedback overall.