Friday, August 14, 2009

We are still doing Business

Hi all we just wanted every one to know we are still around, we have been missing out on allot of chats and promoting our OLA store, we have had allot of things going on and not all bad, but very much taking our time, we will not be in the shop making much in the next 30 days but will still have all our wonderful art work in the store for you that are shopping so buy, buy, buy we will still be online and able to sell, we are getting ready to start a build on the back side of our property that will make things allot easier to get things done so hoping to get that done before the weather changes, We have some very nice things in the store and just sent out our latest plaque to vermonter and wanted to say thank you and show you all the wonderful plaque that he will be getting in the next couple of days, also would like to thank those that purchased from me at our last Welcome Home Sale, it looked like things went very well for allot of people.

And to those mom's that have been working real hard keeping track of those kids all summer

SCHOOL'S STARTING so now take a rest and injoy your cup of coffee 8-)

Thanks to all


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