Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OnlineAuction.com Luncheon in Las Vegas

Next week, FleaPirates and I will be attending the eCommerce Conference in Las Vegas ( http://www.ecommercesummit2010.com ) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. OnlineAuction.com is sponsoring us so that we can further our eCommerce education and bring back the latest information in eCommerce to you.

A small get together is also planned as several of our members will be in Las Vegas during the week of the conference. Members BlafStore ( http://www.OLA.com/store/blafstore ) who lives in Las Vegas, DustyCorners ( http://www.OLA.com/store/dustycorners ) who will drive up for the lunch, CurioCache ( http://www.OLA.com/store/curiocache ) who will be in Las Vegas celebrating her birthday, FleaPirates ( http://www.OLA.com/store/fleapirates ), and I ( http://www.OLA.com/store/metzymom ) will be having lunch at the Rio Hotel and Casino on Tuesday, April 13th at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

If there is anyone who is going to be in or near the Las Vegas, NV area on Tuesday, April 13th, we hope you will make plans to join us. Contact me via Omail for more information, some of which is still in the planning.

I hope to meet more OLA Members there!