Friday, August 3, 2012

Culver Double Old Fashioned Glasses 22K Vintage

We are offering a  vintage set of 8 old fashioned or doubles glasses produced by Culver LTD. These are the Florentine pattern. Heavy 22K gold decals of fruit surround the glass. They measure 4” across the top and 4 1/8” high.
Culver was founded in 1939 by Irving Rothenberg in Brooklyn, NY. In 1980 the company was moved to Rahway, NJ because Brooklyn became too dangerous to do business in. Culver was well known for the lavish designs and use of 22K gold. In fact, the items they produced were more likely sold in jewelry stores rather than department stores.

Mark “Mickey” Rothenberg took over the company in 1987 after the death of his father. The company was sold in 1996. He operated another company until his death on 9/11. He was on the high-jacked Newark-to-San-Francisco flight that crashed in Pennsylvania.

From what I could find, these have the original signature with the Culver LTD in script, which indicates they are probably from the '50-'60 era. The LTD was later dropped and Culver began using a more modern signature and then paper labels. The application of the gold to the glass was accomplished through a secret, super-heated, roll-on process. Culver became very popular in the '50's and remains very collectable today.

These are a fabulous buy and they are getting extremely hard to find!!

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Unforgettaball Wrigley Field Limited Edition Baseball in Display Case

This limited edition baseball displays Wrigley Field!

Distributed by McArthur Sports in the year 2000,
this collectible is protected and encased
in a unique, circular display case
that makes the baseball appear as if it is suspended in mid-air!

This is a standard-sized baseball.
It is in excellent pre-owned condition - like new!
The Unforgettaball trademark is easily found.