Friday, September 4, 2009

So Who's That Crazy Cat?

Misty and her toys
Misty and her toys

This is a photo of Misty, my niece's cat. Misty loves her striped washcloth, her very own cat-sized towel. She will carry it around the house as she sees fit, puts it down where she pleases and works it over as long as she is interested.

Her favorite place to touch and pet this washcloth with her soft de-clawed mitts is in the kitchen while stretched out on the striped rug. (Misty has an affinity for stripes.) She also loves the kitchen cabinet, which you can see along the bottom edge of the photograph. She touches the smooth wood frequently while mauling her cloth.

But her favorite toy is her woven blue sun-hat, a corner of which can be seen flattened beneath her. She loves to play with this hat and fiercely guards it from her brothers when they come too close to it. She will often move it because one or the other of them has discovered the hat's current hiding place. That's when Misty usually drags it to the kitchen to work it over.

I was lucky to get this shot of her, before she thought her privacy with her toys was about to be violated. I've never known a pet quite like Misty before, as all our cats were quite conventional. Have you known a pet with a similar neurotic streak? What kinds of quirks and tricks have your cats displayed?

Please share your cat stories below in the comment section and let's expose these furry sweethearts for what they are -- crazy cats! LOL Thanks for visiting!

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