Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have You Ever...

Broke one of your toes? OMG! It is so painful!

I am not the most sure footed individual on this I have broken my share of bones. All of my toes..and all of my fingers at least foot..oh and the list goes on and on...

Broken toes are the most annoying things! Of course they hurt so bad..but since you have to are going to put pressure on them..OUCH!

Elevate and doctor says..buddy tape problem with the taping..but try to elevate and ice your toe with 3 little ones running around!

This can only possibly be done when they are all day long I am doing Mommy things...OUCH.. and walking...OUCH...getting my toe stepped on...OUCH...ahhh...the fun of being a Mommy!!

So here I sit typing away with my toe up in the air..a brilliant shade of purple by the would match my beautiful bedding set!

School starts next maybe..just maybe I will get some peace around here...hopefully I will not go deaf from the silence...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School has started . . . . . Again!!!





Well, school has started again, where does the time fly! Seems like yesterday, they were still finishing up their snow days!
Now, for those that are homeschooling or who want extra books for the youngins at home, we have a great deal! We have 19 Literacy Sourcebooks by Scholastic available! Different subjects, grades 1-3! We also have a Scott Foresman Spelling Book, 3rd grade left!
Shipping is free and if you purchase more than one, everything after the first will be 40% off since we can ship them together! Come take a look! To find them all, just type in literacy! Most of the listings are ours! Or click on the titles above!
Visit Korn Kountry Treasures and you will be pleasantly surprised!
Have a great year, everyone!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oktoberfest Dirndl

Oktoberfest Time is Just Around the Corner

A fun celebration and event that happens in Munich Germany. is Oktoberfest! There are millions of tourists that have attended the event and, of course, Munich is the place to be.

But if you cannot afford to be in Munich you will just have to make do with what is available. There are many Oktoberfests sponsored by German Clubs, Organizations and Cities across the United States just because it is such a fun event. At this point I do need to mention (a plug) that our German Club, the German European American Society is, also, hosting an Oktoberfest Party on September 18, 2010. You can find the details at our website.

I know that some folks like to dress in the traditional clothing style for many of these events and since I have a ladies dress that I am selling at Online, I thought I would mention that you can see this auction listing there. It is a very pretty Dirndl Outfit that comes with matching apron and blouse.

Bring A Friend for Terrific Tuesday

Hi! I wanted to invite you to play in the Terrific Tuesday 'game' that is the OLA Chat Forum. We play every Tuesday! Sign ups usually go up on Friday/Saturday. You do not need to buy anthing to play. It is a wonderful opportunity to get some extra exposure without spending a dime! Of course, if you want to buy something, no one will stop you!

The OLA Sellers who participate usually offer some sort of "Special", some kind of free gift or discount, so you can usually find some great deals during the 'game'.

Again, you do not need to buy anything to play AND you don't have to be at your computer all day! Stop in and be socialable, chat, visit, answer a question, etc. when you have a few minutes!

All you need to do is follow this link (it's the direct link to the sign up page here at and post that you'd like to play. It helps to offer some sort of special, but it's not necessary. Then, on Tuesday, stop by when you have time and see what's going on!

Oh! And tell them "MetzyMom" sent you!!!

I hope to see you there,


Sunday, August 15, 2010

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment BABE RUTH Complete Set of 5 Trading Cards

A 5 card baseball trading set, in near-mint condition.

Year: 1992
Brand: Ruth Gold Entertainment
Player: Babe Ruth
Card #: Complete Set - see below
Condition: Near-Mint
Special Features: These are hologram cards!
Of the 5 cards, 2 are double-sided holograms.
Cards include: (Beckett titles)

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment #1 Babe Ruth/ 1914-1919/ (Portrait& batting&/ and hit

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment #2 Babe Ruth/ (Two-sided hologram;/ Ruth's stats on f

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment #3 Babe Ruth/ The Called Shot/ (Bat extended& point-#

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment #4 Babe Ruth/ 61 in 1961 - 60 in 1927/ (Two-sided hol

1992 Ruth Gold Entertainment #5 Babe Ruth/ 1914-1935/ (Portrait& and/ standing pos 

How can this awesome baseball card set be yours?
Click here to find out!

And be sure to stop by OLA
and visit Flea's Field,

for more trading card treasures!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Incomplete Death’s Head Vol 1 # 6 Jun 1993 Marvel Mint Condition

The Incomplete Death’s Head Modern Age Marvel Comic Book in Mint 9.9-10.0 Condition. This Comic Book is Volume 1, Number 6, June 1993. This Comic Book comes from a smoke free environment. This comic book has never been read, it was a store over stock. The cardboard backing and plastic sleeve is included.

I have scanned the front and back of this book to show the condition. This would make a wonderful addition to your Modern Comic Collection so don’t miss this opportunity to own The Incomplete Death’s Head Modern Age Marvel Comic Book. Click here to view The Incomplete Death’s Head Vol 1 # 6 Comic Book

I have this Vintage Comic Book for sale through OLAs Classic Auctions with a price of $2.25 This is a great price!!! Please check out my Stubsinc OLA Store for more interesting items.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Call for the August Scavenger Hunt!!

Sign ups will be closing on Thursday, August 12 at midnight CST. If you want to play, please sign up before the deadline. The game starts on Friday the 13th! I will post the clues on Friday afternoon.

If you are already signed up, please be sure to send in your clues before the deadline of Thursday at midnight as well.

Thank you to all that are playing! Good luck to you as well!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Handmade Custom Yarn Items

I'm developing a whole line of custom handmade yarn accessories. This week's offering is my favorite so far. It's a hand knit potpourri bag and it really came out cute.

Hand Knit Potpourri Bag from CountryNaturals at

If you'd rather make your own, they're super easy. I'd be happy to post instructions.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Neem Soap Now at

You are going to love this soap if you have Psoriasis, Eczema, or Chronic Dry Skin! Even if you just want more information, this listing has it!
**Need a testimonial? Got One!
I have been using Metzymom’s Neem and Goatsmilk soap for a week now. I knew from the very first use that it is special. On the very first use it worked to `dry up’ my “rash”, yet it leaves my skin very soft. A single use did not take it away, but started a healing process. I only use it once a day in the shower, but should be using it more frequently than that as it has terrific benefits. Robin in Idaho

Friday, August 6, 2010

August Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone! It is that time again! Sign ups are posted for this month's Scavenger Hunt! Jewelry by Christopher will be your hostess for the month of August!

If you have never tried to play, this would be an excellent time! Pretty soon the Christmas shopping season will start, and by playing the Hunt you will have several sets of eyes searching through your items every day! Believe me, you can't help but to check out all of the wonderful items for sale on OLA during the Scavenger Hunt! I am notorious for getting side tracked from the game only to find myself shopping instead of hunting!

Rules are simple! Clues will be posted and you just search through the players' items looking for the answer to those clues! The trick is that you will not know which clue goes with which player! It has to have some level of difficulty as the winner will be awarded $100 in OLA auction credits! Use that for even more exposure to your listings! I will also be giving out a prize for the second place winner!

C'mon over and sign up! The sign up sheet will be posted here until midnight central time on August 12. Game begins on August 13. It will run for 7 days. Check the sign up sheet for complete rules and information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

What are you waiting for, Christmas??

Monday, August 2, 2010

Western or Native American Plate Collectors

Trail of Talismans, Julie Kramer-Cole

Canyon of the Cat. Julie Kramer-Cole

Nightshadow Sioux War Pony, Gregory Perillo

We have several beautiful western themed plates for your collection! Each is in excellent condition and they are all shipped free! The plates by Julie Kramer-Cole are all in the Faces of Nature series. These you absolutely must see! They all have hidden pictures within the picture!
We also have a couple of plates in the War Ponies of the Plains series by Gregory Perillo. Each pony is decorated in the tradition of the tribe!
The next plate is the last we have by Herman Adams from the Western Heritage Museum. Spirit of the West Wind was produced by the Franklin Mint and is a wonderful collector plate!
The last is my favorite! This is a rendition of a work done by Don Ruffin, an Arizona artist. Slightly larger at 10 1/2" this beautiful plate portrays a Native American couple in their twilight years. Faces lined like fine leather, they stand together, treasuring their past, present, and future together. No matter what has gone before, they sustain the knowledge that they have each other.
Come check these beautiful plates out! And if you don't see what you are looking for, please come and browse through our listings! We have a lot to offer! Shipping is free!
Just click here~Korn Kountry Treasures
Thank you!