Sunday, October 14, 2012

Matchbox Cars & Trucks

Matchbox car & truck toys were originally made by Lesney Products (in the UK) sometime during 1953.  They are small in size--the size of matchbook boxes, thus the name Matchbox.  The smaller size, and excellent quality of these toys immediately made them sought-after collectibles.  The Matchbox name is now owned and manufactured by Mattel, a well-known U.S. toy manufacturer.  

The style & design of Matchbox toys were like those of real vehicles, which served to increase their collectibility.  There are all types of these interesting little toys.  Here is a sampling from what I have to offer on OLA.

Many Matchbox toys have opening and moving parts, which add to their interest.

Many Matchbox toys had decals that the buyer could self-apply.  Look at the little person in the Pink Slingshot dragster above.  So cute.

They produced a number of cool Fantasy Mobiles too, like the one below.

There are some great construction vehicles too!  Such as the 1973 SuperFast Rod Roller No. 21  SOLD!! 

They made a huge assortment of trucks, too!  

Matchbox No. 7 FORD Refuse Truck, rolls & tilts!  SOLD!! 

Matchbox toys make great gifts!  Affordable prices, small in size!

I have only about 20 Matchbox toys left, so if you collect these fine little die cast playthings, check my OLA store today!  I have 2 collector's cases to offer as well, so if you are interested, please contact me.    Many thanks for reading, and shopping on the BEST Site on the web -- OLA:  Where Buyers & Sellers Meet.