Saturday, September 29, 2012

Battle For Your Dream Mustang

Meet Sally.
She's my entry into
Ford's latest contest...
Battle For Your Dream Mustang,
where you can build and customize your dream car, maintain a garage, share your Mustang and challenge your friends,  and even enter one of your cars into a contest to win the very Mustang you created!

My daughter and I have been having a lot of fun with this! Wow, I think she's created over a dozen cars now. (She's a typical college student!) Me? I've got 2... so far. See my garage here. That link will also allow you to sign up for a garage of your own. I'll warn you, though, it's addicting!

Interestingly enough, when I did a search at OLA for the word mustang, I got 35 pages of results! From parts, to cars, to memorabilia, there are plenty of auctions to browse. If you're a Mustang fan, (and, come on, who isn't?), you will not want to miss out on the steals and deals.

Here is just a peek:

From Goldi,
finally, a Mustang that I can afford!

If you're a collector of all things Mustang,
you'd better see this sign from Auction5!

Love to rebuild cars?
RoundPrairie2 has this gas cap from the 1960's!

You'll find plenty of parts!
This tail lamp is from BlueRacer!
No patience? Just want that Mustang now?
This beauty is from QuickSilverAutos!        

OLA Sellers hope to see you soon!

~ FleaPirates

Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Handcrafted Brooch from Watch Parts!!

I found the cutest little brooch, made from watch parts!! This is an exclusive from "Gemstone Jewelry from Renee". The brooch was designed and made by a lady named Geri Block from New Jersey using vintage watch parts and rhinestones. Truly an excellent find!! To find more unique pieces visit her shop!! She has lots to offer!!
Remember, there are super sellers on!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween will soon be here!!!

Halloween is just around the corner!! Little kids getting all ready to trick or treat, big "kids" getting ready to dress up and scare everyone or just to have fun!! Today, even the dogs get in the act!!
We have some great little treats of our own, here on!! Just check them out!!




So, whatever it is you are looking for, or if you just want to look around, come on over to!! Lots of great sellers, great bargains, great prices and a great place to sell, too!!
We are busy getting ready for Halloween!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Set for Another Year!!!!

Well, I am happy to say, we are all set for another year at!!
 I can list to my hearts content, sell to my hearts content, do what I want to to our house, and not worry about paying ANOTHER CENT!!!! The membership fees are paid!! For another whole year!!
 How much did it cost us? $96.00!! That's it!! Why? Well, the first year is $196 which not only gives you the first year paid but also $300 in auction credits!! After that first year, it's only $96!! Or, if you just want to try it out, you can list on a monthly basis, too!! $8 a month!! Or if you want to have a house AND list monthly, it would be $18 a month! That's it!!
I do the decorating and the listing. Hubby kinda goes along for the ride!!! But I'm always asking his opinion and we are a team running around looking for great deals!!
I love it here . . . . . the decorating contests, the ability to make my own FREE templates, the comaraderie with other members!! The freedom to put my own links in, should I desire to do so!! The ability to run our house the way WE want to run it.
Yes, there are a few minor rules, after all we do need to abide by the copyright laws and laws of the land but it's all upfront and on one short page!! No last minute changes or censorship of your listings!!
And the chats ALWAYS have the tutorials and great team member to answer questions!!
So, come on over and check us out!! In fact, check out all the great sellers on!! You might even see something you like!!
We are gearing up for the Halloween decorating contest right now!!
Check out our house at KornKountryTreasures!! Let us know whatcha think!!
Thanks for checking in!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Knew ? Did you?

Now I know I have OLA friends and family who will appreciate this information. It will be interesting to see how many knew these amazing facts.

For icy door steps in freezing temperatures: Get warm water and put Dawn dish washing liquid in it. Pour it all over the steps. They won't
refreeze. (Wish I had known this for the last 40 years!).
============ ========= ========= =====
To remove old wax from a glass candle holder, put it in the freezer for a few hours. Then take the candle holder out and turn it upside down. The wax will fall out.
============ ========= ========= =====
Crayon marks on walls? This worked wonderfully! A damp rag, dipped in baking soda. Comes off with little effort (elbow grease that is!).
============ ========= ========= =====
Permanent marker on appliances/counter tops (like store receipt
BLUE!) rubbing alcohol on paper towel.
============ ========= ========= =====
Whenever I purchase a box of S.O.S Pads, I immediately take a pair of scissors and cut each pad into halves. After years of having to throw
away rusted and unused and smelly pads, I finally decided that this would be much more economical. Now a box of S.O.S pads last me indefinitely! In fact, I have noticed that the scissors get 'sharpened'' this way!

============ ========= ========= =====
Blood stains on clothes? Not to worry! Just pour a little hydrogen
peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood. Works
every time!
============ ========= ========= =====
Use vertical strokes when washing windows outside and horizontal for inside windows. This way you can tell which side has the streaks.. Straight vinegar will get outside windows really clean. Don't wash windows on a sunny day. They will dry too quickly and will probably streak.
============ ========= ========= =====
Spray a bit of perfume on the light bulb in any room to create a lovely a light scent in each room when the light is turned on.
============ ========= ========= =====
Place fabric softener sheets in dresser drawers and your clothes will smell freshly washed for weeks to come. You can also do this with towels and linen.
============ ========= ========= =====
Candles will last a lot longer if placed in the freezer for at least 3
hours prior to burning.
============ ========= ========= =====
To clean artificial flowers, pour some salt into a paper bag and add the flowers. Shake vigorously as the salt will absorb all the dust and dirt
and leave your artificial flowers looking like new! Works like a charm!
============ ========= ========= =====
To easily remove burnt on food from your skillet, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan, and bring to a boil on stove top.
============ ========= ========= =====
Spray your TUPPERWARE with nonstick cooking spray before pouring in tomato based sauces and there won't be any stains. I do this all the time and it works great!!
============ ========= ========= =====
Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.
============ ========= ========= =====
When boiling corn on the cob, add a pinch of sugar to help bring out the corn's natural sweetness.
============ ========= ========= =====
Cure for headaches: Take a lime, cut it in half, and rub it on your
forehead. The throbbing will go away. (I prefer to soak the lime in
Gin and rub it on my tongue first) AMEN!!!!
============ ========= ========= =====
Don't throw out all that leftover wine: Freeze into ice cubes for future
use in casseroles and sauces...Left over wine? What's that? :)
you listening to me, T ?
============ ========= ========= =====
To get rid of itch from mosquito bites, try applying soap on the area
and you will experience instant relief.
============ ========= ========= =====
Ants, ants, ants everywhere. Well, they are said to never cross a chalk line. So, get your chalk out and draw a line on the floor or wherever ants tend to march. See for yourself.
============ ========= ========= =====
Use air-freshener to clean mirrors. It does a good job and better still,
leaves a lovely smell to the shine.
============ ========= ========= =====
When you get a splinter, reach for the scotch tape before resorting to
tweezers or a needle. Simply put the scotch tape over the splinter, and
then pull it off. Scotch tape removes most splinters painlessly and easily. True!
============ ========= ========= =====
Now look what you can do with Alka Seltzer...Clean a toilet. Drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets, wait twenty minutes, brush and flush.
============ ========= ========= =====
Clean a vase. To remove a stain from the bottom of a glass vase or cruet, fill with water, and drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets.
============ ========= ========= =====
Polish jewelry. Drop two Alka Seltzer tablets into a glass of water and
immerse the jewelry for two minutes.
============ ========= ========= =====
Clean a thermos bottle.. Fill the bottle with water, drop in four Alka
Seltzer tablets, and let soak for an hour (Or longer, if necessary).
============ ========= ========= =====
Unclog a drain. Clear the sink drain by dropping three Alka Seltzer
tablets down the drain followed by a cup of Heinz White Vinegar.
Wait a few minutes, and then run the hot water.
============ ========= ========= =====

Makes you wonder about ingesting Alka Seltzer, doesn't it?

Now that you have all this information to help you save some time and energy you will have time to stop by and visit all your favorite sellers and buyers on OLA to see what new items are listed, and when you are done there I would love to have you come by my store and see what I have to offer. You can get there bu clicking here chateycathey. Thank you for reading my blog and see you soon.

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While you're waiting to vote, here are some listings from OLA, for unusual banks, so you can start saving up for the next charity event that might require a donation.

Cute Poodle Penny Bank

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Duck Bank

Shar-Pei Dog Bank

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alcohol . . . . . simple and cheap!!

Okay, I’ve used alcohol for several years for removing sticker residue, cleaning laptops, smudges and the like. And I was quite surprised when I found that it can even remove permanent marker (usually). I even wipe down books with slick covers. Just pour a little alcohol on a rag and wipe. Cleans them right up and it dries fast so it doesn’t damage anything. Great for wiping laptops, electronic items, etc. because again, it dries FAST and you are only wiping off the item, not dunking it.

Ever notice your telephone? Doesn’t matter if it’s landline or cell, they BOTH get grungy if you don’t wipe them off once in awhile. Eeeuuuuuwwww!!! Remote controls, too! Have you looked at yours recently?
How about your dry erase board? I have one that must be about 8 years old. I keep it around because I like the red. It gets pretty stained with the grandkids leaving messages all over it!! I just take a paper towel, pour a little alcohol on it and rub off the residue! Much cheaper than that spray cleaner! Just look at the before and after pictures!!

Fingerprints on CD's and DVD's? Just use a soft cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.
So I keep a bottle around just for cleaning projects!! And there ARE different strengths!! Some are stronger than others.

On the cautionary side, always be aware of what you are using it on. Sometimes alcohol can ruin the object you are trying to clean.

Keep good ventilation. The smell can be quite overpowering. And if dryness is an issue, use gloves to protect your hands.

ALWAYS keep away from fire and heat sources!! Alcohol is extremely flammable!!

I still keep it in the bathroom for the antiseptic qualities, cleaning pierced ears, stop itch on mosquito and bug bites and such but have just upped the use!!

Oh, did you know that if you get into poison ivy, the best thing to do is SCRUB with a degreasing dish soap like Dawn and then rub down with alcohol. This will cut the oily residue and help prevent the rash.

Sometimes the old fashioned products can still serve us well!!!
Put your thinking cap on!! What unusual item do you use?
Speaking of old fashioned, you can always find LOTS of great vintage items on!!
Just look at a few of the items that I found!!!



So, check out!! You will be glad that you did! We have a super selection of items for  you to peruse!!! Thanks for stopping in!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Kill Mosquitoes - NOT A JOKE

I know this blog should be about OLA however I want to share this with my OLA friends and family.

This really works as we have tried it.

I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. The next year, I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. And voila! That worked as well.. It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children's swing area and the standing water nearby. During the summer, I don't leave home without it....Pass it on.

OUR FRIEND'S COMMENTS: I tried this on my deck and around all of my doors.
It works - in fact, it killed them instantly. I bought my bottle from Target and it
cost me $1.89. It really doesn't take much, and it is a big bottle, too; so it is not
as expensive to use as the can of Bug-spray you buy that doesn't last 30 minutes.
So, try this, please. It will last a couple of days. Don't spray directly on a wood
door (like your front door), but spray around the frame. Spray around the window
frames, and even inside the dog house.
Now these are Good Mosquitos!!!


So after you get all your yard work done you will have more time to shop on OLA at all your favorite sellers stores.

You can also check me out at chateycathey as I have a store here also with lots of item to choose from.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

OLA Seller of the Month!!!

Meet YogiBear66!! Yogi is our September Seller of the Month!!!
Yogi has been absolutely fantastic, getting over 5000 feedback this past month!! The store has a mix of coins, collectables, jewelry, books and gifts!! There is always something new at Yogi's!!
Even a mystery auction!!!
So, come on over and check out YogiBear66!! And help us congratulate us her on her success!!
She has worked hard and deserves it!!! Yay, Yogi!!!!!!