Saturday, September 29, 2012

Battle For Your Dream Mustang

Meet Sally.
She's my entry into
Ford's latest contest...
Battle For Your Dream Mustang,
where you can build and customize your dream car, maintain a garage, share your Mustang and challenge your friends,  and even enter one of your cars into a contest to win the very Mustang you created!

My daughter and I have been having a lot of fun with this! Wow, I think she's created over a dozen cars now. (She's a typical college student!) Me? I've got 2... so far. See my garage here. That link will also allow you to sign up for a garage of your own. I'll warn you, though, it's addicting!

Interestingly enough, when I did a search at OLA for the word mustang, I got 35 pages of results! From parts, to cars, to memorabilia, there are plenty of auctions to browse. If you're a Mustang fan, (and, come on, who isn't?), you will not want to miss out on the steals and deals.

Here is just a peek:

From Goldi,
finally, a Mustang that I can afford!

If you're a collector of all things Mustang,
you'd better see this sign from Auction5!

Love to rebuild cars?
RoundPrairie2 has this gas cap from the 1960's!

You'll find plenty of parts!
This tail lamp is from BlueRacer!
No patience? Just want that Mustang now?
This beauty is from QuickSilverAutos!        

OLA Sellers hope to see you soon!

~ FleaPirates