Saturday, May 29, 2010

20% Off Sale at Fleapirates

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Here's hoping you have a safe, relaxing, sunny,
warm holiday weekend,
filled with friend, family, laughter,
and good memories!

This video is from 2007, but it's really nice,
and I wanted to share it...
in tribute to all those who have served,
have died serving, or are currently serving,
our beloved country.

In the meantime, if you are online shopping this weekend,
please take a moment to stop by Fleapirates Plunder,
where I am offering 20% off
purchases and bids through May 31st, 2010!

Use the coupon code above!
And yes, even classic auctions that end
after May 31st will be honored,
as long as your bid is placed
before Midnight CST on May 31st.
Be sure to omail or email me,
so I know to apply the discount on your invoice.

OMAIL:  to Fleapirates at

Thursday, May 27, 2010

SellerBuzz Radio Welcomes Paul O'Brien Back!

MetzyMom and Paul O'Brien square off tonight as they discuss, dissect, and debate what's going on in eCommerce! One of the subjects on the table tonight? Social Networking and Blogs!

No Member should miss this show! at 5:05 Pacific, 6:05 Mountain, 7:05 Central, 8:05 Eastern

Pin Back Buttons are Cool!

Pin Back Buttons...

Something to think about.

Something cool to collect.

Antiques and new. To suit everyone.

Advertising Buttons.

Bluetryavirginpin-1.jpg (50422 bytes) Carnivalairlinespin-1.jpg (44379 bytes) NorfolkWesternpin.jpg (50469 bytes)

Airlines, Cruises, Rail Roads, Buses, Cars, all
kinds of buttons...

wouldntyourathervoteforKermit1980.jpg (57523 bytes)

Fun Buttons! Big Buttons. Small Buttons.

Clintonfirstfamilypinback.jpg (57634 bytes) ChuckRobbpinback.jpg (51395 bytes) tezakforcoronerpin.jpg (51651 bytes)

Political Buttons, National, State and Local
buttons. Historical Buttons.

census1990button.jpg (53933 bytes)

Public Service Buttons.

showinguppin.jpg (40592 bytes)

Opinion Buttons. All kinds are neat.
Think about them.

Every person you know probably
has at least one.


Make great gifts.

They are SMALL items.

You can MAKE memories with pinback buttons.

You can MAIL them in CARDS.

Can be an investment or you can find them for a now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say Cheese! NEW OLA Contest!

Want a chance to WIN $100 cash and $100 in auction enhancement credits?

Here’s how …

Pictures are a vital part to your auction listings. Aside from price and description, a good picture is what sells your item.

We’re challenging you to create a video tutorial on how to take an effective picture for your auction listings. You can include any tips in this clip … that you think other users will find useful in taking a great picture.

- Clip must not exceed 2 minutes

- You can post the link to the clip in this thread
Click here to visit the Contest tread

*closing date of contest to be determined.

Written by Renee
Forum Administrator
& Customer Support Services

Monday, May 24, 2010

British Petroleum? BP Who owns it?

Who the heck owns BP Oil Company (is it British Petroleum?)? I really don't know! Is it England? A country in South America, who?

Why are they (BP) being so stubborn and ignoring all the companies that have developed ways to capture oil from this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Anyone got any clues or ideas?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Airwolf DVD Seasons One Two and Three Jan Michael Vincent

Airwolf DVD
Seasons One Two and Three
Jan Michael Vincent

Airwolf Season 1 2 and 3
also stars Ernest Borgnine.

This popular television series aired
in 1984, 1985 and 1986.

CBS canceled the show in 1986, despite good ratings,
largely due to the personal problems
of actor Jan Michael Vincent.

It was revived in 1987,
with a new cast,

but it was not well received,
thanks to the change in cast,

and Season 4 marked the end of Airwolf.

Up for auction is the complete
Season One, Two and Three.

These are pre-owned DVD's,
and they are in excellent condition!
Each season has multiple DVD's,
which show very minimal signs of use.

Find out how you can enjoy Airwolf today!

And browse a nice selection of movies
and collectibles at Fleapirates Plunder!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Facebook Malware Video

I just wanted you all to be aware of the Facebook Malware video that was sent to thousands of Facebook pages last night.

The Video is entitled "Distracting Beach Babes", DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!!!! IT WILL LOAD MALWARE ONTO YOUR COMPUTER.

Just delete this video from your facebook page. Then change your password and check your Facebook application settings. Just to be on the safe side I would run a anti-virus scan on your computer.

I hope this warning helps.


Be Careful What You Say -- Your Dog May Be Listening!

We're cat people, with no dog experience, but *Katie rescued a senior border collie and asked us to take her in, so we've had to learn a little about dogs, too.

We expected Holly to understand "out" and "sit" but imagine our surprise, after a few months, when Bob announced he was going to "feed the birds" and Holly ran for the door. A few days later, Bob mentioned that it was time to "empty the compost." Again Holly ran for the door. Yesterday, Bob was in the kitchen making a snack. He asked, "Want some?" Holly jumped up and ran for the kitchen.

Dogs understand more than most of us realize, and border collies are especially good at vocabulary, but we never expected her to pick up whole phrases on her own. WOW! Dogs are AMAZING!

* Katie Ball, our daughter and founder of Love Your Pet Expo.

All proceeds from our charity thrift store go directly to the animals. Contributions welcome.

Here is a link to all of our Animal Products for Humans.
Sample Animal-Related Items by Country Naturals at OLA

Friday, May 21, 2010

Royal Worcester Cheeky Chops Cup Bowl Plate Fun Child's Tableware Set

Available for purchase at is this Royal Worcester Cheeky Chops Fun Child's Tableware Set, with cup, bowl, and plate. a three-piece child's tableware set, featuring Royal Worcester's Cheeky Chops pattern, designed by chef Jamie Oliver.

The name Jamie Oliver may or may not be familar to some. Many have perhaps become more acquainted with him, with his recent TV show on ABC, called "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution". The guy who designed this adorable child's dish set is the same English chef on the recent TV show, where he attempted to bring healthier eating habits to Huntington, West Virginia, exposing the unhealthy school lunches, etc.

This funny and charming set will make any child want to eat his veggies and drink his milk. All three pieces in this set feature adorable zoo animals with fun and silly comments, done in colors and styles reminiscent of the 1960s "flower power" time. For example, the plate is called "Little Eats", and the plate features tigers, and the words on the plate say:LITTLE TIGERS CRUNCH, MUNCH, AND EAT ALL THEIR LUNCH. BE A TIGER 'GRRR'. The cup and bowl have different animals with different cute sayings. These items were made in England by Royal Worcester.

Click here for more information about this Royal Worcester Cheeky Chops Cup Bowl Plate Fun Child's Tableware Set.

Click here to see what other items I currently have listed.

Miracle DVD Walt Disney Kurt Russell Fullscreen Edition

Miracle is a 2004 Disney DVD
starring Kurt Russell.

This DVD is pre-owned,
and is in very good condition.

This DVD comes with 2 discs
and the movie plays
approx 135 minutes.
It is the FULLSCREEN edition.

Only $4.99!

Available now, at

Read more about Miracle!

Pathways In Science Our Wide Wide World Craig Baldwin

Vintage Book titled, “PATHWAYS IN SCIENCE OUR WIDE WIDE WORLD”. This is a School Book and has the school I. D. sticker on the inside cover, see picture. This book is in Good Condition with moderate wear and discoloration to the cover. The book has a copyright date of 1932, by Gerald S. Craig and Sara E. Baldwin.

The book is 312 pages long. The pages have minor yellowing and discoloration with no writing. There is a Tiny Crease on the bottom corner of the first cover page. There is a 1 inch tear on the bottom of page 57. There is a ¼ inch tear and small crease on the top of page 59 near the spine. There is a small crease on the bottom corner of page 131.

This book contains black and white photos, graphics, and 4 color panels that are clean and bright. Overall this book was well taken care of. This Book would make a wonderful addition to your Vintage School Book Collection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this Pathways in Science Our Wide Wide World Book. Click here to view this Pathways In Science Our Wide Wide World Book

I have this 1932 School Book for sale through OLAs Classic Auctions with a starting price of $5.99 This is a great price!!! Please check out my Stubsinc OLA Store for more interesting items. Click here to visit my OLA Store

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We have several of the John Deere Danbury Mint Farm Calendar Year mugs listed! These are just a few! Just click on the month you are interested in and it will take you to the listing! February, March, May, June, July, August, November, or December! All are in excellent condition and would make superb Dad's day gifts! Order today! Shipping is FREE!!!
Now, if this doesn't do it we have all kinds of brand new FORD OEM auto parts, books, and much, much more for you to browse through!!! So, please click here for more adventures and great buys!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be Aware of New Techniques Being Used by Gangs, Robbers, etc.

This is exactly as the article appeared in the paper, typos and all.

From AZ Independent News Services, May/June 2010:

Several things to be aware of this year... As gangs and robbers are now plotting different ways to get a person to "stop" their vehicle. Please send to your friends.

There is a gang initiation reported by the local police department that gangs are placing a car seat by the road... With a fake baby in it... Waiting for a woman, of course, to stop and check on the baby. Note that the location of this car seat will usually be beside a wooded or grassy (field) area... And the person - a woman - will be dragged into the woods - beaten and raped - usually left for dead. Do not stop. Dial 9-1-1 and inform them...

If you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield. Do not operate the wiper and spray any water because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision up to 92.5%, so you are forced to stop beside the road and become a victim of robbers. This is a new technique used by robbers.

Please inform your friends and relatives.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arthur Court Monkey Stand Salt and Pepper Set

This collectible salt and pepper set comes in the original box.
The base is hand-polished aluminum.
The shakers feature a swirled clear glass pattern.

I find no faults with this pre-owned set.

Measures 4 inches wide, 2.75 inches deep, and 3.25 inches tall.

The box is in pristine condition,
and indicates that this set is model # 04-0596.
This set, with charming monkeys, is now discontinued.

An elegant addition to your dining room table setting!

Is your Dad a fisherman?

Here's something fun and affordable for Dad for Father's Day! A clever wooden fishing plaque! Great to hang in his boat, over his garage door, in the den.. etc. And, reel in this deal with FREE SHIPPING!

Lots more great ideas for Dad, from t shirts, to poker memorabilia, to collectibles... see my store at:

Friday, May 14, 2010


Greetings, all! It is time for OLA’s May's SCAVENGER HUNT!

This is NOT a special sale, but a MONTHLY game! The BEST part of this game is that it requires NO BUYING!!! You may buy, but you don't HAVE to! It will increase visibility, increase views & has the potential to increase sales. Think of it as free advertising... with a fantastic PRIZE!! FIRST PRIZE for scavenging the most items using the clues provided will be $100 in FREE listing enhancements, compliments of!

You will also have the option of hosting the next month’s game. If you do not wish to host, please let Jewelrybychristopher know and we will find someone who wants to do so. It has been suggested that the winner who is NOT hosting the next game refrain from playing in order to give other players a chance.

Sign-ups run from now until midnight of May 14th. You must o-mail your clue, item number, and title of item to Jewelrybychristopher by midnight, central time, on Friday, May 14th. The game will start on Saturday, May 15th! Jewelrybychristopher will post all the clues sometime in the afternoon, probably around 3 PM central time, on Saturday the 15th maybe earlier. The game will run through Friday, May 21st at midnight (CT). The winner(s) will be announced on Saturday, May 22nd. Now..last month the clues were VERY Jewelrybychristopher will try to make them a little easier this month...maybe..LOL

Get yourself a nice warm cup of joe, put on some soothing music, put your tootsies into some warm and cozy slippers and have at it! The object is to read a clue, and search through the players' listings to find the item that matches the clue. Simple, right? heh heh

You won't know WHICH clue goes with which player until you look through all of their listings AND there may be some trickery by someone buying some things as they find them (because they THINK they have the right item) so that you can't find them!

The player with the most correct items by the end of the game wins! In case of a tie, the player with the most correct items who submitted them FIRST is the winner. You can submit your guesses up to once per day but make SURE to have the item number, title or short description, seller name, AND the clue for each item you are guessing. To sign up, go to ONLINE AUCTIONS and click on Community. Then click on Chat. Go to Special Activities and you can sign up!!!

Then just Omail the clue to jewelrybychristopher! Do not post your clue here! Make SURE that your scavenged item will run the entire length of the game (auto-relist helps). Your hints should be clear and fairly simple since the hunters won't know who's store each item is in. That's part of what makes this game FUN as well as being worth $100 in OLA auction enhancements! Those of us with TONS of listings (myself included) should refrain from making each player look at the description of every item since this makes things exceedingly difficult. This is not a rule, but a suggestion.

The host/hostess gets to add 5 clues, just to make it interesting and as a "reward" for hosting since their items are more likely to get looked at/purchased that way! THAT WOULD BE JEWELRYBYCHRISTOPHER THIS MONTH. As a bonus, Jewelrybychristopher is offering a prize for the second-runner up. As all of you know, Jewelrybychristopher does tend to send out some pretty nice items for prizes, so sign up now! Those who do NOT have any items listed may still play! Just choose an item from someone already playing, submit your clue, and you're in! DO NOT post who's item you selected.

Examples of clues from past Scavenger Hunts:

Clue: "Cinderella's purr-fectly blue shoe."

The answer was: a Fenton Colonial Blue Glass Cat Slipper

Clue: I'm so brilliant I'll bowl you over!

The answer was: Antique Brilliant Period Punch Bowl and 8 Cups Beautiful

Clue: I doubt he will be decorating anything snow-capped in San Francisco!”

The answer was: San Francisco Music Box Co Musical Figurine Santa Decorating Tree

Clue: I'll strum you a funny tune.

The answer was :Clown with Guitar (figurine)

Clue: You may want to tip-toe through these

The answer was: Beautiful Tulips Vase

Don't be shy, give the game a try! Questions? Post 'em in the chats or omail jewelrybychristopher! Come on, newbies, it is fun!!!! This game is one of the best..if not THE best game on OLA and we want everyone to have a chance to experience the fun! So, look over your listings, come up with a great clue, send it to jewelrybychristopher and get ready for the ride of your life!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Want to compete Head to Head with Sellers from Other Venues?

Are you selling your items at for less than any other site and still not selling it? Tonight's SellerBuzz Radio show is for YOU!!!

Usher Lieberman of will discuss how YOU can compete head to head with eCommerce sellers on other venues!!!

Don't miss tonight's show!!!

5:05 pm Pacific Time
6:05 pm Mountain Time
7:05 pm Central Time
8:05 pm Eastern Time

See You There!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Yellow Table With 4 Chairs 952

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Yellow Table and 4 Captains Chairs. This Table and 4 Chairs are in Excellent Condition with minor playwear. These Chairs have a triangle on the back. This Table and Chairs are from the Play Family House Model Number 952.

Do not miss this opportunity to own this Vintage Fisher Price Little People Yellow Table and 4 Captains Chairs. This Table and Chairs would make a wonderful gift for that special person who collects Vintage Fisher Price Little People Toys. Vintage Fisher Price Little People Yellow Table W/ 4 Chairs

I have this Table and Chairs for sale through OLAs Classic Auctions for only $9.50 This is a great price!!! Please check out my Stubsinc OLA Store for more interesting items.
Click here to visit my OLA Store


Vintage HAZEL ATLAS Gothic, Big Top Peanut Butter, Glass Sherbet
These were produced in the '50's and were sold with Big Top Peanut Butter in them. Back then, a lot of dishes were given away as promos with the product to help sell it. Laundry soap had Fireking dishes! I remember my mother saving these dishes for use! Since they were "free", these dishes were expendable. Now, however, they are becoming harder to find!
This cute little sherbet measures 3 5/8" and holds about 8oz. It has the crisscross and diamond pattern called Gothic.
No chips or breaks! Listing is for ONE dish. Shipping is FREE, stateside!
Great for your collection or for use!
This is a nice vintage piece for your collection!
Superb for any collector!

To see this listing, please click HERE! For more great items, please come see our other listings! Click HERE!!! Thank you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Press Releases for the OLA Seller

Hello OLA members!

I was so fortunate to have attended the ECTMA Summit in Las Vegas last month! While there, I took the time to see a presentation about Press Releases, from Sophie Shiatis, who is the Vice-President of eCommerce and Marketing for

Wow, what great information! It was one of my favorite presentations.

I wrote a blog post, which you can find at Fleapirates Plunder.
Rather than copy and paste the article in it's entirety, I am going to ask you to click that link above and take a peek at what press releases can do for your business.

You can also follow PRWeb on Twitter.

Happy selling! Have a great week!
   ~ Fleapirates