Sunday, January 20, 2013


I do not know about you but I am getting ready for OLA to launch their new server and new ways of doing things. This means I am getting my store up to date, making sure my listings are right and that all my pictures are there.

So I thought I would help OLA a little by sending out an omail to some people who do not have pictures even though they have lots of listings. I sent a lot and I just went and checked and only four were opened and I checked those four stores and it seems they chose to ignore my asking them to either get their pictures up or delete the listings without pictures. I tried.

So, here is what I am thinking. Why would anyone want to have over 100 listings with not one picture. Items sell with pictures. Buyers want pictures. I know that if I see something I am interested in and it has no picture I just move on and forget about it. Well in my travels through OLA today I did see something that interested me so I ask the seller a question. No reply as of yet but the omail was read.

Another thing that got my attention. There are those of us who participate in the chats in one form or another. I saw stores today that I have never seen a post in the chats. They are missing some good free advertisement and some good fun also. I share others items by putting them on face book and twitter them. I wonder if those who do not participate in the chats would like some of this free treatment and making friends that help with what ever is needed.

I ask them to please take care of this issue before OLA launches it's new site. I am going to think positive that a few will do it. It helps us all when everyone does their part to keep the site up to date and that means their photo's also. I even informed them that by putting pictures to their listings would probably increase their sales.

I do not know what else I can do. Maybe if some others did as I did and as Val is doing also the sellers will get tired of people reminding them about their listings and no pictures and maybe do something about it.

As for me I will keep mine up to date so I am totally ready for the change over. If anyone has any suggestions on how we might get to these people please let me know and I will do my part. I sent nice omails, maybe if I got a little testy with them they would at least get fired up enough to tell me to mind my own business to which I would be able to reply "OLA IS MY BUSINESS" just as it is theirs.

Thank you for reading this blog and I know some who will read it have already done as I am doing now and they got no positive response. My Omail sent folder has a full page plus that I sent out and as I said only four have been read and no responce to me whatsoever.

Sad thing when sellers lose pride in their stores.

I am not going to put this on face book as I do not want people thinking we have problems we cannot handle. This is for the ola community.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy and be prepared.