Friday, March 16, 2012

Penguin Cam! (my new addiction...)

A friend at work turned me on to the Penguin Cam at Sea World.

Click here to watch! Just click multi-view to change cameras.

 It's on 24 hours a day, and has different views.. on land and underwater. Fascinating to watch these critters go about their daily business! I wish more zoos, refuges, etc had these..I'd love to watch all different kind of animals -  all day. I find this very relaxing and soothing... I hope you do too! And, take a little break once in a while to check out some fun items at!

Cool nesting Penguins from Raevenhow!

March of the Penguins DVD from JRFLEAMARKET!

Adorable Penguin candy dish from Grams-recycle-bin!

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