Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dave White of OLA Radio Recovering From Emergency Surgery

From eSellerSecrets.com:

On Friday, September 4th, Dave White was rushed to the emergency room while out of town visiting friends in the Chicago area. He underwent emergency diverticulitis surgery which was successful. Doctors repaired a tear in the lining of his colon and he is currently recovering in intensive care at St. Francis Hospital in Chicago. They removed his breathing tube only yesterday so he is not up to any calls, but he called me with an update today and he’s doing well and recovering!! He cannot receive calls or flowers as he is still in intensive care. He is at St. Francis Hospital in Chicago, 355 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60202 if you wish to send a card. He asked that I give you all an update on him.

The good news is that they found nothing else while touring his insides LOL, no cancer or more serious concerns. THAT is very good news!! Also, he has not smoked since last Saturday!! I hope he sticks with it! Can you just picture Dave in a white hospital gown with an open back, walking around toting his iv, chasing nurses in the halls???? OMG too funny! He’s gonna get me for that one later, but he’ll have to catch me first!

So please leave your comments and well wishes here for him to see when he gets up and around. I will keep you all posted here, and we both thank you so much for your support!

Dave ~ we love you and wish you the best get well wishes. We look forward to you being up and around soon!


I have spoken to Dave today. He is in ICU, he is not well enough for phone calls, visits, etc. ICU does not allow flowers. Please give Dave some time to recover. He is expected to be put in a regular room (barring any complications) Thursday, with a possible release on Friday.
Again, I have spoken to him and he is recovering well.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Cup Bowl Plate Tableware Set

Just listed at www.onlineauction.com , as part of the Anything Animal Sale, is a wonderful Royal Doulton Bunnykins Cup Bowl Plate Tableware Set . This is a three-piece child's tableware set, featuring Royal Doulton's Bunnykins. Each item has a different Bunnykins scene, featuring the Bunnykins playing in a park. The single handle cup features bunnies with baby carriages on one side; on the other side is a bunny girl playing/dancing with her bunny doll. The bowl features a scene called "letterbox", with bunnies in the park, and one bunny going to mail a letter. The plate features bunnies rowing in a boat, swimming in the water, and playing on the shore.

Bunnykins items were first made by Royal Doulton in England in 1934. A man named Cuthbert Bailey worked for Royal Doulton as the general manager. Knowing that his daughter was a gifted artist, he asked her to draw some scenes for a line of nursery china Royal Doulton wanted to produce. His daughter, Barbara, drew scenes with charming bunnies dressed as people, in various scenes. Barbara had entered a convent, and her superior did not approve of her drawing for Royal Doulton, so Sister Mary Barbara had to do her drawings in secret. She had to draw her sketches in her convent cell, late at night, by candlelight. This Bunnykins line was very successful, and included figurines and tableware. Production was interrupted during World War II, but it was later resumed. The very successful and popular Bunnykins line continues today, with other artists continuing Sister Mary Barbara's artwork.

Bunnykins nursery or tableware pieces feature a variety of scenes, but all feature the now classic border of running rabbits. This Royal Doulton Bunnykins Cup Bowl Plate Tableware Set is listed as a classic auction, with a starting price of $15.00.
(This set has been sold.)

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