Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything 1.00 each at curiocache and crittercache!!!

Everything has been marked down to ONE DOLLAR at both curiocache and crittercache! Postage not included, of course, but still... there's dozens and dozens and DOZENS of things to pick from! Books, jewelry, figurines, pet care, plush critters, oddities, and's a tiny sampling...

Precious Moments Pin "Make a Joyful Noise"

Radio Flyer Wagon

TY Beanie Baby Graduate Bear

Janet Evanovich Wicked Appetite

Writing Television Sitcoms Textbook

Delft-look kitten set

Zoo Story

Flying Pig Model

Don't miss out because when they're gone, they're gone... one only of each!

 You can find both stores, crittercache and curiocache at!