Monday, June 18, 2012

The Laundry Dilemma

Have you ever really noticed how much laundry detergent you are using? Oh, I know, the manufacturer puts in a scoop, right? And have you ever really LOOKED at it? Have you ever wondered WHY you don't get as many loads (or don't seem to anyway) as what they say??

Well, I use Arm & Hammer and have for years. I get the BIG box even though it's just for my husband and myself. But when they started talking "concentrated" some time back, that was when I started paying attention. WHOA!! Did I get my eyes opened!!

 This is the scoop that comes with Arm & Hammer. The same style and size that came with the, should I say, UN-concentrated. This little scoop holds about 1 1/8 cups. Amazing, huh? Concentrated? What's that all about?

 Well, if you look REALLY CLOSE, you will see three lines. Number 3 is about half way down the side. Number two is lower than that and number one is really close to the bottom.

Now, the 1 and 2 is going to be what I'm talking about for a bit. Please excuse the funny lines and drawing!! I'm not really that good with the brush in Paint!!

For most loads, Arm & Hammer recommends going up to line 1 or 2. Wanna know how much that REALLY is? Line 2 is about 1/4 cup!!

And line 1 is only about 1/8 cup!!! Wow!!!

Now, line 3 is approximately 1/2 cup!! So why are they putting in this huge scoop?

Well, I'll tell you why. . . . . . and I'm not picking on Arm & Hammer. This is going on with most, if not all, laundry detergents, liquids included. They hope that you fill that ole scoop up to the brim and use it 8 times faster than recommended!!! Then you buy more!! Perpetuation of business!!

So, the next time you do laundry, take the time out to figure out what you REALLY need!! Replace their scoop with an inexpensive measuring cup!! That will keep you using the amount you really should . . . . . and your clothes will thank you!!

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