Monday, January 28, 2013

The Power of Friendship

I would like to tell you about a great site called!! 

Now, is a great place to buy and sell but that isn't what makes it SOOOO special!! Oh, no, not in my opinion!!

Yes, I love the fact that there are no listing fees, no final value fees, and I have FREEDOM to do what I think is best for my business!!
And yes, I love the contests and the ability to decorate my listings AND my store!! Oh, yeah, I LOVE to decorate my store!!
And I love the fact that I can list up to 8000 listings! I can choose between Fixed, Classic, Dutch, Absolute, and Sealed!!
And I really love the fact that membership at this moment is only $96.00 each year!! If you join now!!
And I absolutely am thrilled about the new site, soon to be up and running!!
What I REALLY love best about is the people!! They aren't just "other sellers" or just acquaintances they are friends!!! I have met very few of these friends face to face but I feel that I know them pretty well! And I wouldn't trade them for anything!! 
I've had a pretty rough couple of months and I have to tell you . . . . . my friends at have been there to support me and my family!!
My friends at have picked up the slack and posted, tweeted, promoted, and helped other members with no expectations other than the joy of being part of a bigger picture!
My friends at are a wonderful group of people!! This is what it is all about!! So, while you still have time, come on over and join us at this special price!! It will go fast!!
Just go over to the website and call to get signed up!! But hurry!! This is a limited time offer!! The price of $96.00 per year for EVERYTHING as a founding member!! Now, how can you beat that??
Once the new site rolls out, you will be so glad you got signed up at this special offer!!

Pair of 1958 Royaume du Laos Elephant Postage Stamps SC41 and SC42

Here are two 1958 Laos stamps with colorful elephants!

This pair of stamps are in good condition...
neither stamp is postmarked and both have been hinged.
You'll find perforations on all 4 sides of each postage stamp.

From 1958, they are #'s SC41 and SC42.


Visit the listing for purchasing information.

And stamp collectors, please visit me to find
a variety stamps from the 40's, 50's and 60's!
I've got lots to list at!

                   ~ FleaPirates