Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Into Action!

 It's time for another store decorating contest! Always entertaining, these regular contests challenge our members' creativity and promote comraderie and fun. Our Customer Support gal, Renee, has thrown down the gauntlet in the Chat Forum. Are you ready to spring into action?

Anyone who has visited OLA in the last month has seen the effects of a recent glitch that crashed the site for several hours and wiped out images on many of the auctions site-wide. Recovering from this glitch has been quite a chore, not only for the OLA staff, but for store owners, as well.

If you are a store owner, reading this, who has not yet verified the existence of your auction images, you should do so, at once. OLA programmers have been working non-stop at correcting issues, but you can easily prep your store on your own, by re-loading your images. If anything else is amiss, you should contact Customer Support at your earliest opportunity, either by telephone, (800-900-2828), or by omail to OLAsupport. Additionally, you may find assistance from your peers in the Chat Forum.

All new and revised auction images are holding... I can vouch for that personally, as my listings have all been updated and new ones added without any difficulty! I see that many other stores are fully stocked with fantastic photos and auctions, as well.

 Buyers, we're ready and waiting for your visit!

And soon, many stores will be cheerfully decorated, too! Don't miss out!

Here are links to the stores who have already joined the OLA Spring Decorating Contest.
Please reward their efforts by taking a peek at their festive decorations!







How to Lock Your Car and Why...

How to Lock Your Car and Why...

    I locked my car.  As I walked away I heard my car door unlock.  I went back and locked my car again three times.
Each time, as soon as I started to walk away, I would hear it unlock again!!  Naturally alarmed, I looked around and there were two guys sitting in a car in the fire lane next to the store. They were obviously watching me intently, and there was no doubt they were somehow involved in this very weird situation .

    I quickly chucked the errand I was on, jumped in my car and sped away.  I went straight to the police station, told them what had
Happened, and found out I was part of a new, and very successful, scheme being used to gain entry into cars.

    Two weeks later, my friend's son had a similar happening ...  While traveling, my friend's son stopped at a roadside rest to use the Bathroom.  When he came out to his car less than 4-5 minutes later, someone had gotten into his car and stolen his cell phone, laptop Computer, GPS navigator, briefcase ... You name it.

    He called the police and since there were no signs of his car being broken into, the police told him he had been a victim of the latest robbery tactic - there is a device that robbers are using now to clone your security code when you lock your doors on your car using your key - chain locking device ... They sit a distance away and watch for their next victim. They know you are going inside of the store, restaurant, or bathroom and that they now have a few minutes to steal and run.

    The police officer said to manually lock your car door - by hitting the lock button inside the car - that way if there is someone sitting in a parking lot watching for their next victim, it will not be you. When you hit the lock button on your car upon exiting, it does not send the security code, but if you walk away and use the door lock on your key chain, it sends the code through the airwaves where it can be instantly stolen.

    This is very real. Be wisely aware of what you just read and please pass this note on.  Look how many times we all lock our doors with our remote just to be sure we remembered to lock them - and bingo, someone has our code... And whatever was in our car

If you do not have to go out why not just stay at home and shop safely on OLA.COM and while you are doing that I would be happy to have you stop by my store and see what I have to offer: ChateyCatheyCollections

Be safe, Be Healthy and Be Happy