Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick, Easy, Healthy Summer Snacks

When the weather gets hot, I hate to turn on the oven or spend any more time in the kitchen than necessary, but we still love healthy, homemade snacks. We do it with pancakes. Yup, pancakes. 1 bowl, 1 plate, 1 non-stick pan. All done and cleaned up in 30 minutes. Here are the recipes:

Banana/Strawberry/Blueberry Pancakes

Use the recipe for pancakes on the Heart Smart Bisquick box. Add bananas, fresh or frozen fruit and flax seed for Omega 3.

Spice Cake Banana Pancakes

Use the recipe for pancakes on the Heart Smart Bisquick box. Add bananas, Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg, & cloves to taste, and flax seed for Omega 3.

We make our about sand dollar size. Freeze in batches, in plastic bags, between pieces of wax paper so they’ll separate easily. They keep for weeks (maybe longer) in the freezer, thaw in less than an hour, and they make great snacks to just eat cold with nothing on them.

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Chris Fain Discusses Antiques and Collectibles on SellerBuzz Radio

Chris Fain, Founder and CEO of OnlineAuction.com, was on SellerBuzz Radio a few months ago when he discussed eCommerce site OnlineAuction.com, but this Thursday night, he'll give everyone pointers and helpful hints on Collecting and Antiquing As A Hobby and As A Business!!! We'll discuss Where to Find Collectibles and Antiques, What to Look For, How to Price Them, How To List Them, and more!!!

Have Questions that you'd like to ask Chris about Collecting and Antiquing? Send them to me at MetzyMom@SellerBuzz.com and I'll see that they get answered!

It all happens this Thursday, June 17th at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/69668 .

5:05 pm Pacific
6:05 pm Mountain
7:05 pm Central
8:05 pm Eastern

Send In Those Questions and Be At The Show To Hear The Answers!!!