Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reuse, Repurpose, Thrift . . . . . great words to use!

I would like to know why we, as human beings, collect so much stuff!! Is it because we are greedy? Is it because the “stuff” fills a void in our lives? Perhaps the answer to both those questions is yes.

Our country is facing some tumultuous times. People are out of work, homes are being foreclosed, and there doesn’t seem to be an end. Even though the economy has improved, the jobs aren't back and won't be.

Back in 2001, my husband’s employer decided to close up shop in Des Moines because it was the only union shop. All the other locations were non-union. My husband had worked there for 33 years. My father-in-law had retired from there after 40 years. So it was a well known company.

We had a warning of about a year and really that seemed harder than not having one. We worried about what we were going to do, what would happen to the house, would we be able to hang on, how were we going to pay our bills?

We worried that yes, we could lose the house, yes, we might lose the car, yes, things were going to drastically change. And you know what? If finally dawned on us that if these things did happen, we could also start over again! After realizing that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world, the pressure was no longer there. We knew that we had each other, we had our health and that was the most important things in the world! We began to get a different perspective on life. It wasn’t “things” anymore.

I now appreciate the “old” things. I don’t have to have new anymore. I shop at consignment shops, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, garage sales and flea markets. And you know what? I find some very interesting items! I can find new or almost new jeans, great books, and super deals!!  And I love it! It is a wonderful feeling to come across a "find"!!!

I was pretty stuck up when I had young children; to think of having them wear things I picked up at garage sales, Heaven forbid!! Oh, how conceited I was! Now when I find a wonderful old baking dish, I am ecstatic! If I find old enamel ware, I am happy! When I find beautiful old china pieces, I am tickled pink!

What is it that we have to be better than the Jones’ down the street? Why have we become such a wasteful, throw away society?

Do you remember your mother or grandmother cutting up wool coats and making strips for braiding rugs? And using that wonderful heavy lining for stuffed animals? I do.

We have heard that the "global warming" is all a farce, but I will say one thing, it has taught most of us to be a little more considerate in what we choose to use, what we throw away, what we recycle. Perhaps that isn't a bad thing!!

My daughter asked me one time if a small roaster she found in an antique shop was a good deal. I told her "Yes!! This only costs $5.00 and you won't find a nice little roaster like this in the store!" So, she bought it and has used it over and over again!! It was considered an antique but it was still usable, so why go buy new, especially when most of the new is made in China! And I can definitely say, your look will be different than the norm! These vintage items are fast disappearing!

So, my theory is, if you need something, see what is already out there. Now days, it is the "thing" to use multiple plates, cups, and bowls. Even chairs! So, why not add some old to your new?

I've been poking around (I shouldn't) and guess what I found!

This beautiful Frankoma Flame Glazed Pitcher in Maggies Farm. I even had to bid on this one, loving the red colors!!

Or how about this gorgeous Jade Lily Casserole Dish by Stafford that I found in RoundPrairies listings! This would really look nice on a table!

This is a very useful piece if  you save bacon grease!! A Vintage USA made blue grease jar from Goldi's Goodies! And I was always one to save bacon grease . . . . . just like my Mom.

And, of course, we have a wonderful Pyrex Daisy Divided casserole dish in our store, Korn Kountry Treasures, along with all kinds of other treasures!

So, the next time you need something, think first if you can reuse, repurpose, or make do. You might be surprised at what is out there.

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