Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to NEW SELLERS!

There are already tons of great sellers at, but I'd like to focus on some newer sellers.  The more sellers we get, the more variety OLA offers and the more buyers will search and find us. If you've got it, list it!

ERTL 1917 Texaco Car Bank from rsalesonlinegroup!

Also from rsalesonlinegroup - Lemax Benjamin Jewelers - check em out!

Sorry - I already bought the COOL Mr. Christmas talking globe!

Made in America! Handmade! Vegan! From latherupsoap!

(I bought 4 of these... AWESOME!)

Handmade Lavender Soap from latherupsoap!

HUGE! 128cts! I've bough several of their gems/jewelry pieces and have been DELIGHTED!

BIG Rutilated Quartz cabochon from theshoppezone!

And how about this -

Beautiful abalone butterfly pendant from theshoppezone!

And a few more...
From suzziescrafts a wonderful dog crochet filet pattern!

Braves Knit Cap from pursladi01

And from philomenaboutique a cool vintage bag!

There are many, many more, and new sellers all the time. Stop by and say hi!


I know it can be easy to just forget to leave feedback for someone as I forget myself sometimes. I have been going through my feedback today and getting caught up with those I have not left feedback for and I noticed I am not the only one being forgetful.

I found some that had not left feedback for me also. I think it is the right time of year to take a few minutes and check if you need to post feedback for anyone. A good way to start the new year is with not a chore left over from 2011 and start 2012 without needing to attack this. I know I will feel better when I have done mine and not have to jump on it to catch up after the first of the year.

I will be here one year on 12/24/2011 and I am closing in on the 500 feedback mark. There is another member here that is even closer than me and I am trying to manage when I leave feedback for her just trying to be the one to make her hit that great mark. If you want to see what she offers that has her feedback so high and all positive check her out at the following link KornKountryTreasures as she has some really nice items for sale and read her feedback to see why hers is so positive and hitting the 500 mark.

I enjoy reading feedback about others. Especially when they have really high numbers like over 1,000 or 2,000. It gives me clues as to what needs to be done to get there myself. I think there are so many ways to get tips on selling and buying on by checking out the other members and how they do things.

Join us at, set yourself a goal and let all of the others here help you meet it.

Merry Christmas to all

Think PINK!!

It's kind of a dreary day outdoors today! Not too cold but just gray and forbidding. So, I started to think of the color pink and all the wonderful things I could find on! Just look at some of the goodies I found! This cheers me up!!