Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vintage Schnitzelbank Towel Germany

This vintage towel celebrates a German drinking song!

The towel is in excellent condition,
with no rips, tears or stains.

It was acquired in an Estate Sale.
I am guessing it is at least 50 years old, or more!

I do not speak German.
I did, however, find the following info at Wikipedia:

A Schnitzelbank is also a short rhyming verse or song with humorous content. This use of the word is mainly used in Switzerland and south-western Germany, it is a constituting element of the Fasnacht celebrations in the city of Basel, there also written Schnitzelbangg. This word is masculine and takes the article "der". Schnitzelbänke (pl.) are also sung at weddings and other festivities. The Schitzelbänkler, the persons who sings this songs, are single persons or small groups and often it is accompanied with some instruments. Mostly the Schnitzelbänkler show before or to the specific verses Helgen, posters which introduce in the subject, but do not tell the punchline.

I also received some German translation from my friend, Aesthetics48.
She shared that the last line says, Now we'll drink another beer!,
which confirms my belief that this towel depicts a German drinking song of sorts.

The towel is fringed at two ends.
The sides have a very small roll and seam.
It measures 33 inches long and 16 1/4 inches wide.
The fabric is a cream colored linen and is decorated in navy blue.

You can find this humorous towel in my OLA store!

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