Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Have Patience . . . . .

The entire country seems to be affected lately by the storms rolling across. Frigid, arctic air with seemingly endless snow in parts of the East and Midwest, which usually don't get prolonged snaps like this! Since major hubs of the airlines are affected, so are the deliveries, no matter if it was being sent by UPS, FedEx or USPS (even though USPS just raised their prices, again). It has affected everyone.

One of our OLA members, FyreByrd, put a note out on FaceBook stating "To all those that won my auctions...due to the inclement weather here in Ohio there will be a delay in getting your items out to you...I will send each of you an Omail to let you know as soon as your items have shipped....thanks so much for your bids!!" I thought that was a great idea since things are being held up. A pro-active seller!

I purchased an antique lamp and it got hung up in New Jersey for eleven days. It did get here but I was so excited about getting it, it seemed to take forever! I know it wasn't the sellers fault because they shipped it the day after I paid. The tracking number was in the system. But USPS had it in New Jersey for the longest time!

I bought a book the other day. And I received a nice email explaining that due to the unforeseen weather issues, the book may be delayed. "We wanted to let you know that your package may not arrive on time due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event. Shipping carriers in the area of your delivery address--or cities along the delivery route--are reporting delivery delays because of these conditions. UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We are sorry about this unavoidable delay and we appreciate your patience."

I was very surprised by this as it isn't often I am told that a package may be delayed up front. FyreByrd has the right idea, to inform her customers what is going on. Sometimes we don't realize that other parts of the country are buried in snow and our packages have to go through that snow!!

So, I am asking all buyers, no matter where you have purchased your item, please be patient. Remember, this is a miserable winter for everyone. Please don't blame the sellers, who ever they are, where ever they sell, for those "extreme weather conditions". They will appreciate it!!

Patience IS a virtue!!

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