Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year - 2014!

What would you like to see in 2014? Have you really thought about it?
We go through life, every year, wishing for peace and understanding, wealth, and material things not really considering what we have that are right in front of us.
This year consider what you have in small terms.
Wealth - what is wealth? Is it really money? It is really material possessions? The older I've gotten the more inmaterial they seem. Personal possessions are really overrated. Even the things that Daddy made. I'd much rather have Dad.
This year be grateful that you have health . . . . even with sore joints, arthritis, and other ills, you can probably find others worse off.
My husband and I saw a woman working in a local store that I am sure had polio at some point in her life. She was bent completely over, holding herself as upright as possible, by clenching her upper leg with one hand, offering to help people as they passed by. She couldn't stand upright but was at a 90 degree angle but used no walker and was slightly off kilter as Daddy was . . . . he also had polio and was the same. She worked her shift, standing and clerking, holding on to the counter as she scanned the items. And, still, when it wasn't busy, she'd be standing, holding herself up, asking customers if she could be of assistance, all with a smile! God bless her!
This year be grateful that you have family . . . . there are so many people who are totally alone. And if you are at odds with one another, try to hold on to the good and forget the rest. Life is much too short.
This year be grateful that you have a roof over your head . . . . okay, so it isn't the lap of luxury but it provides heat and protection. I can remember Mom and Dad talking about when they were first married, they remodeled a chicken coop.
This year be grateful that you have a job  . . . . there are so many that are without and in dire circumstances. It may not be the best job or the most fulfilling job but it puts food on the table.
This year be grateful that you have a voice . . . . that you can speak freely and openly, discuss the workings of the government and criticize when you don't care for our politicians actions.
This year be grateful . . . . . . and pass it on to someone who needs a smile, a kind word, a buck or two, a word of encouragement, and a prayer. It warms the soul.
In other words, let's count our blessings. I certainly am.
May you all have a wonderful, purposeful, and joyful New Year!
God bless you all!
And a special Happy New Year to all my friends at! Thank you for all your support, help, kind words, and just for being you!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas!

As we go through the day to day bustle of getting ready for the holidays, I wanted to share a little film that I found on Youtube titled The Chrismas Shoes. This is such a sad yet heartwarming song and it is done beautifully!
So, enjoy this song and remember what Christmas is all about . . . I believe it is the celebration of the birth of Christ . . . and giving to others.
For all my friends, customers, and especially my family . . . .
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finding My Christmas Spirit

Christmas is going to be very, very slim at our house this year. We can't even afford a tree, never mind decorations. There's a very good reason for it -- we bought new property for the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals. Fixing it up to make it safe and comfy for the critters is taking every nickel and every drop of credit we have left. We are sacrificing our Christmas splurging for their sakes, so finding my Christmas Spirit was a bit of a challenge.

Trying to get in the mood, I went looking for the Christmas mugs. I thought I knew right where they were, so I headed for the den/storage room. I dragged out the box labeled "kitchen" that I knew I had packed when we left Oregon. When I opened it, there were some of our daughter's things. Evidently, we unpacked the box long ago, then she filled it with her stuff, so no mugs (and no Christmas Spirit). 

I recognized one more box that said "Coffee Maker."
I just knew the mugs would be there. It was way in the back, with heavy bins stacked in front. I was exhausted by the time I got it out. I opened that box, and guess what I found -- a Coffee Maker -- WHAT WAS THAT THING DOING IN THERE? Anyway, no Christmas mugs, which was really disappointing, but I did find the CD player
and I knew right where to find the Christmas CDsso that was a nice surprise that cheered me up a little. (The rest of my search was done with my favorite songs of the season playing in the background.)

Next, I looked for the mugs in the shelving unit. No Christmas mugs, which was a bummer, but I did find a grow light I thought was gone forever. I really needed another light for my indoor garden, but I couldn't afford it. Now I'd have all the light I would need to grow veggies inside this winter, but I still wanted those mugs!

Next, I went out to the back porch storage area. No Christmas mugs, but I did find Christmas dishes! They had been in the family for years, passed around from year to year. I had forgotten all about them. I unpacked them, washed them and swapped them out for the regular dishes, so we would be eating from holiday plates for the next month. There was only one thing missing -- the cups. No mugs, no cups -- back to the search. AARRGGHH!

I looked around some more. No Christmas mugs, but I did find two boxes of never-used Christmas lights and a brand new top ornament. Then came the find of the day -- a fancy box of beautiful "12 Days of Christmas" ornaments that our son gave us the last time he moved. I had forgotten all about them, too. I showed all these to Hubby and said I wanted to hang the lights on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, so I could hang the ornaments on them. It would be a flat, fake thing, but better than nothing. Hubby got a gleam in his eye and jumped right into the project of making me a wood Christmas tree for the wall that would stand out, hold the lights, the top ornament, and The Twelve Days of Christmas. With my painting skills and his carpentry talent, we should have that project finished, tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!

Finally, I was down to one last place to look, and there were the Christmas mugs, in their box, right where I'd put them, in the linen closet, along with my never-worn Christmas toe-socks from last year. SUCCESS!

If I'd gone there first, I'd have my mugs and nothing else. Now I have everything I need for a very merry Christmas house, without spending a penny, plus Christmas socks on my feet, hot Christmas coffee in my nice big Christmas mug, and I found my Christmas Spirit. Life is good!

Christmas Santa Resting


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get Lured In - Southeastern Raptor Center - Auburn University -Welcome!

On November 21, 2013, we at were fortunate to be introduced to our newest Founding Members, Auburn University, Southeastern Raptor Center at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Joining us was Marianne Hudson, Assistant Director for Raptor Training and Education. She was interviewed by Metzy on the TalkShoe radio program. (if you'd like to hear it just click on Talkshow and click "listen" for the Nov. 21st show)

I, myself, was absolutely fascinated with the program. I have always loved eagles and think that they are one of the most majestic birds in the world. But to have someone come in and tell us about a program for raptors (eagles included) and an auction to benefit that program, we were enthralled!

You can be among the few fans to own a rare collectible used in one of Auburn’s favorite game day traditions – the pre-game flight of the Auburn eagle. This set includes the lure and jesses to be worn by the Auburn eagle when Auburn meets Alabama 11/30/13. And the auction is on

You can also visit the Southeastern Raptor Center website for complete details.

"Proceeds from the auction will benefit Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine's Southeastern Raptor Center, a non-profit organization with a three-fold mission of wildlife rehabilitation, education and conservation.

Since its modest beginning in the mid-1970s, the Southeastern Raptor Center has treated and released thousands of birds of prey. The center conducts more than 350 educational programs for thousands of school children and civic groups annually.

You can also support the center by participating in the Adopt-a-Raptor program, which helps defray the costs of housing, food, and medical care for injured and orphaned birds of prey. Visit for details."

This auction will end 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on December 4, 2013. The donation is tax deductable, minus the cost of the raw materials.

I was so impressed with this program, never knowing that there were groups out there helping to keep the raptors alive, helping the injured and providing sanctuary for those that can't be released. I would encourage anyone with a love for the raptors to think seriously about donating! And even if you aren't interested in the auction itself, please consider donating to a very worthy cause! Just go to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine site and check out all the options! There are so many.

If  you'd like to see the eagle practice, just check out this video! Alabama fan visits Auburn Eagle Practice - Smarter Every Day 32.

"Uniquely crafted by volunteers, items are used one time – during the Auburn eagle’s pre-game stadium flight. Now is your chance to own a piece of this unique Auburn tradition! Jesses are cuffs worn around the eagle’s ankles with straps to assist the handler to securely hold the eagle. The lure is used by the handler to entice the eagle to land midfield and often has talon marks from being used."

This is a special auction - don't miss out!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I LIKE old things!

"Do not resent growing old . . . many are denied that pleasure." ~ Unknown
In this day and age, we have become a throw away society. I love old things, perhaps that is because I am reaching those higher numbers myself! So, when I come across some finds, I think it is great!!
Here are just a few!
This antique parlor lamp is just the greatest! Beautiful jade and such simple elegance!
You can find this at RoundPrairie2's!
Gorgeous is just one word to describe this beauty! The silver filigree on this brooch is beautiful! Ida2002 has a lot of beautiful things to offer!

This lovely antique Christmas light up church/music box is just in time for the holidays! Available with a lot of other fine items at Dusty Corners!

I particularily love this Antique Hamilton Open Faced pocket watch offered by 1967P4!

I love these old stoves! This one is a 1920 Regent Gas Stove ~ offered by NYMinuteMan! They have some awesome restaurant items and other vintage pieces!

Or how about this GORGEOUS Tiffany Coffee Creamer and Sugar set from 1890! And check out other items at Smoxury!

And this is just a wonderful find! From 1909Ventillo, this is a beautiful 1930's or newer Wedding Ring Quilt!! It is a beautifully hand sewn quilt with bright colors and has been dry cleaned! Just a fabulous buy!
These were just some of the finds this week! What will I find next week? Time will tell!
Check us out at KornKountryTreasures while you are looking around! We have lots to offer and would love to have you stop by!
Browse through the other stores on! You will be glad you did!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seasons and Holidays

This great blog was done by Dusty Corners and at the bottom it says Chateycathey...I just posted it for her...she is the author.

As the holidays are fast approaching, the seasons changing, shoppers and sellers are gearing up for fun festivities.

What is your favorite holiday? My first favorite is Christmas as it has so many fond memories for me, from my earliest childhood years to most recent before my mother passed away. The celebration of Christmas is usually joyous, happy, and sharing

My second favorite holiday is Halloween. This is when you can have fun decorating your home inside and out, create make believe scenarios that can be whimsical or macabre. For years I decorated outside my home with life size witches and scarecrows, adding special lighting to enhance the mood of the scene after the sun set. One year we had lots of children roaming the neighborhood in search for the treats that await them at each door that opened. Much to my delight, my life size witch scared the littlest goblins as they walked by her to and from my door. She did look realistic!

Halloween also brings out the interest in dead things, like bones and skulls. I found this book most interesting on the subject:

The Book of Skulls

Synopsis: The skull is one of the most recognizable symbols of today’s contemporary visual culture. Since its 1970s renaissance in the iconic album designs of bands such as the Grateful Dead, the skull has found its way into the visual vocabulary of urban life, adorning T-Shirts, badges and rock memorabilia as the ultimate symbol of anarchy and rebellion. Repurposed and recast by artists, illustrators and designers, it has become one of the most iconic cultural symbols of our time. In response to this cultural phenomenon, The Book of Skulls presents a cool visual guide to the skull, charting its rebirth through music and street fashion to become today’s ultimate anti-establishment icon. From Black Sabbath to Cypress Hill, skater punk graffiti to Gothic tattoos, from high-couture to Hello Kitty and Dali to Damien Hirst, this book is the ultimate collection of cool and iconic skull motifs. Drawing together artwork from music, fashion, street art and graphic design The Book of Skulls is a celebration of one of today’s most iconic cultural symbols.

At online, we are celebrating, too! You will find a variety of treats and treasures that are sure to please your shopping palate!






There are lots more goodies to find at! Join us throughout the holidays and all year long!

Please visit my store and see what you can’t live without  at Dusty Corners Place!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Can Support Your Favorite Charity Online Without Donating Money!

Most of us want to do good deeds, but many of us can't afford to donate money, no matter how worthy the cause. Here are some ways you can help your favorite charity without a cash donation.

  1. Visit the charity website and look for the social media buttons -- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Be sure you follow, like, or whatever action is required to participate, and also be sure to add a personal comment whenever possible. Spend some time on their social media sites and re-tweet, share, or join in on the topics that seem most important or timely. This type of involvement is huge for any organization and can't be overstated. If you discover that the charity is NOT on one of your favorite social media sites, you can still promote them on your own, by sharing a link to their site.

  2. Go back to the charity website and look for their promotions or fundraisers. Again, many times it's just your participation that matters. For example, The Animal Rescue Site wants you to click every day to donate free pet food. It costs nothing but a few seconds of your time to help support this project.

  3. Blog about your favorite charity, create a Facebook page for it, or promote it on 3rd party sites. An example is JustCoz. Here you can donate a tweet a day for your favorite charity (and add your own if you control their Twitter account).

  4. Do you sell online? has a whole section for charity listings called OLA Cares.

  5.  Are you a writer? Squidoo generates revenue through page views, and you can choose a charity to receive your share of those revenues. Write a "lens" about your favorite cause, then choose to donate your share to that organization.

  6. Have a little spare time? Here are the results of a Google search for "your favorite charity." Look how many places you can go to promote your cause, FREE!
Now I'm going to take my own advice and promote my favorite charity, the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals. If you're in search of a worthy cause to practice on, please try this one.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hurry before they're gone! :)

"Hey. You. Yeah.... you.

Check this out... Shhhhh!! Step over here....behind this wall.

That's right.

I gots a deal for you. YEAH, it's a good deal. Look at these.... yes, they ARE memory. Real. No Joke. You stick 'em in.... and they work. They make you go FASTER and more EFFICIENT. Here... you hold 'em.....

2GB (4x512MB) PC2-4200S-444-12 LAPTOP MEMORY - CHEAP!

Nice, eh? Feels good, right?

Check THIS one out.... Quiet! ....No, they are clean. Yeah...that way:

2.5GB (5x512MB) PC2-5300S-555-12-A3 LAPTOP MEMORY - CHEAP

Can't get any better than this, right? No... that's not a Mod. Just a guy just walking by. Just pay attention....I'm not giving this deal to just anyone! You want some? No! They are clean... and they work. I told you that already.

Wait!.... Look over there, make sure nobody is around. Yeah, behind the dumpster. Nothing? Cool. Check THESE out! I only got two left. All set up and ready. Yeah.... you can PayPal this stuff. Yes, YES! Money orders too. Sure.... Cash is ALWAYS accepted. Wanna look?

Ok.... let me open this...... look at THAT beauty!!!

 Dell D520 Duo - Loaded and READY!!

Nice, eh? Quick, too. I sold a bunch of these.... my.....customers.... love them. You can put it right under your shirt.... in a briefcase.... Yeah. The real deal.

Ok.... I go out first. Just remember.... I got TWO left of the last thing. Don't forget to look at the rest of my stuff.... you may find something else.... I'll do you gooooooood!"

This was not written by me but by one of our newest members on, TippedOver! He has some super great deals and a wicked sense of humor! Check him out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beautiful Carved Netsuke

Netsuke are miniature sculptures that are carved. They were invented in the 17th century in Japan to serve a function. The Japanese garments were robes called kosode and kimono. Men who wore these traditional garments had a need for a place to put their belongings; tobacco, pipes, money, medicines, seals and other items they needed. There were no pockets.
The solution was to place such items in a container; a pouch, a basket or a crafted box, which hung by a cord around the sash of the robe. No matter the form of container, the cord was fastened at the top with a carved toggle called a netsuke.
Ivory from live animals was the most common material before it became illegal. There are many netsuke still available in the United States. We have a seller on that has an amazing array of beautiful pieces for the collector. All of his antique ivory is from before the ban into the United States. 1967P4 has an extraordinary collection that he is now parting with so please, stop in and take a look!
As you can see, he has quite a variety of pieces, all beautifully kept and now he is giving you the opportunity to own one of these stunning pieces!
The artistry in these pieces is absolutely astounding!



Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reuse, Repurpose, Thrift . . . . . great words to use!

I would like to know why we, as human beings, collect so much stuff!! Is it because we are greedy? Is it because the “stuff” fills a void in our lives? Perhaps the answer to both those questions is yes.

Our country is facing some tumultuous times. People are out of work, homes are being foreclosed, and there doesn’t seem to be an end. Even though the economy has improved, the jobs aren't back and won't be.

Back in 2001, my husband’s employer decided to close up shop in Des Moines because it was the only union shop. All the other locations were non-union. My husband had worked there for 33 years. My father-in-law had retired from there after 40 years. So it was a well known company.

We had a warning of about a year and really that seemed harder than not having one. We worried about what we were going to do, what would happen to the house, would we be able to hang on, how were we going to pay our bills?

We worried that yes, we could lose the house, yes, we might lose the car, yes, things were going to drastically change. And you know what? If finally dawned on us that if these things did happen, we could also start over again! After realizing that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world, the pressure was no longer there. We knew that we had each other, we had our health and that was the most important things in the world! We began to get a different perspective on life. It wasn’t “things” anymore.

I now appreciate the “old” things. I don’t have to have new anymore. I shop at consignment shops, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, garage sales and flea markets. And you know what? I find some very interesting items! I can find new or almost new jeans, great books, and super deals!!  And I love it! It is a wonderful feeling to come across a "find"!!!

I was pretty stuck up when I had young children; to think of having them wear things I picked up at garage sales, Heaven forbid!! Oh, how conceited I was! Now when I find a wonderful old baking dish, I am ecstatic! If I find old enamel ware, I am happy! When I find beautiful old china pieces, I am tickled pink!

What is it that we have to be better than the Jones’ down the street? Why have we become such a wasteful, throw away society?

Do you remember your mother or grandmother cutting up wool coats and making strips for braiding rugs? And using that wonderful heavy lining for stuffed animals? I do.

We have heard that the "global warming" is all a farce, but I will say one thing, it has taught most of us to be a little more considerate in what we choose to use, what we throw away, what we recycle. Perhaps that isn't a bad thing!!

My daughter asked me one time if a small roaster she found in an antique shop was a good deal. I told her "Yes!! This only costs $5.00 and you won't find a nice little roaster like this in the store!" So, she bought it and has used it over and over again!! It was considered an antique but it was still usable, so why go buy new, especially when most of the new is made in China! And I can definitely say, your look will be different than the norm! These vintage items are fast disappearing!

So, my theory is, if you need something, see what is already out there. Now days, it is the "thing" to use multiple plates, cups, and bowls. Even chairs! So, why not add some old to your new?

I've been poking around (I shouldn't) and guess what I found!

This beautiful Frankoma Flame Glazed Pitcher in Maggies Farm. I even had to bid on this one, loving the red colors!!

Or how about this gorgeous Jade Lily Casserole Dish by Stafford that I found in RoundPrairies listings! This would really look nice on a table!

This is a very useful piece if  you save bacon grease!! A Vintage USA made blue grease jar from Goldi's Goodies! And I was always one to save bacon grease . . . . . just like my Mom.

And, of course, we have a wonderful Pyrex Daisy Divided casserole dish in our store, Korn Kountry Treasures, along with all kinds of other treasures!

So, the next time you need something, think first if you can reuse, repurpose, or make do. You might be surprised at what is out there.

And when you are looking, be sure to stop in at! The best site for buying AND selling!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember 9/11

My thoughts and prayers are with all those families who lost a loved one on 9/11/2001. This was a tragedy that should never be forgotten.
I have been talking with my grandchildren, who were toddlers when this occurred. They need to be told of the tragedies of the past . . . . . so that hopefully, they will not be repeated.
To the families of those who were on Flight 93, you should be proud . . proud that they did not give in but fought to the death. I know you have heard it before, but you must realize we need to remember this every year so that the youngsters of today will learn about it tomorrow. Time does dim memories.
I am proud to be an American, proud to fly our flag in the honor of those lost.
May the Lord give you strength and peace.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another site bites the dust . . . .

Well, it's happened again. Another auction site, Wensy's is closing for good. I didn't even know who Wensy's was, I'd never heard of them but I don't deal in some of the items that they catered to . . . so it's not surprising I didn't know of the site. I do know that the sellers and buyers alike have been left in a lurch.
It seems that start up auction sites begin and then POOF, they are gone . . . . or they start up free and then get greedy and begin charging Final Value fees!! Okay, so . . . . .  you are selling on a site and all of a sudden you get told that you can have that free store BUT they don't have to show your items! They could be behind others in the marketplace. Translation, your items won't show up in the search, someone else's will.
What is a person to do? Simple, come on over to!! For $8 a month, you can begin selling . . . . no listing fees, no final value fees, just $8 a month!! And right now, if you want to be a Founding Member, they are waiving the $100 start up fee and charging $96 for the ENTIRE YEAR!! And only $96 each year thereafter!
This, in my opinion, is the best option because you get a store, auction credits and let's face it, $8 a month IS $96 a year so you might as well go for the big bang! I started out selling at $8 a month and soon realized it would be better with a store! So I waited for a special (like what is running now) and got my store! I don't regret it for a minute!
I run my business my way! I am not censored on what I put in my listings as can happen in other places. And if I have a nonpayer, it doesn't cost me extra to relist the item!! Simple!!
We also have a LIVE customer service! How many sites have that? Usually you send an email off and wait, or you have to read through all the chats to find your answer. Don't get me wrong, we have awesome chats and GREAT people for help but sometimes  you just want customer service, period. And we have both, great customer service, LIVE, and helpful members!
We (OLA members) sell on a down to earth auction site that cares about it's members. The owners have gone to extreme lengths to rebuild the site and it is really getting exciting!! They aren't completely done, but it is amazing at the changes that have taken place this past couple of months! Does that sound like we are going anywhere? Yup!! We are going UP!!
So, come along for the ride!! Fed up with high prices, censorship, closed sites? We ARE making a name for ourselves! We aren't closing down! We aren't raising prices! We are getting better!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty beaded bag . . . .

This is a pretty beaded bag that appears to be new! Tag is still attached . . . . . very nice from Lee at 4lllls!!
Great gift or use it yourself! Want to find more bargains? Stop in at!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vintage Ronson Crown Silver Plate Lighter 1930's . . . . . awesome!

Boy, I wish I had seen this about 5-6 years ago!! I paid more than this for one just like it! Mom and Dad had a set that included the tray, lighter and cigarette holder . . . . . . somewhere the lighter got lost! Mom left it to me. I have mine all intact now, but I'm sure someone out there is in the same boat, looking for a missing lighter!
Come on over to and check out the deals!! And if you like this lighter, you can find it in Ida2002's store!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Whispering leaves, cool mornings, crisp apples!
The holidays aren't far behind!!

So, come on over to! We have some great sellers, great deals and an awesome site! Lots of changes this past year, all for the better! Crisp and Clean! Do your holiday shopping now, before the rush!
Want to sell online? We have a SUPER deal going on right now! Want to get set up for the entire year? It's only $96.00! Nothing more, no listing fees, no final value fees! The $100 set up fee is waived! And it's only $96.00 each year thereafter!
Want to sell monthly? We do that, too! Only $8.00 a month!
So, come join us!! Buyer or seller, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Helpful Landscaping Hints from the Deer at the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary

Strategic pruning is the key to good landscaping. Here is how we do it:

Trees should never be fat at the bottom. A cluster of leaves at the top is pleasing to the eye, but only bare branches are desirable within easy reach.

Roses LOVE a good aggressive pruning. Notice the new growth at the bottom. This plant will be nice and bushy for our next pruning.

Look at this iris. See how compact and bushy it is now? Before, it was all gangly and out of control, with wild fronds going every which way. It's a good thing we were here to fix that mess.

Vegetables are highly overrated. Now that those silly cabbages are gone, these pots can be reused for planting other delicacies.

If you found these hints helpful, please consider a donation to the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals. We do what we can to help out, but we are few and they are many.

For more great ideas and products, please visit OLA's Gardening & Plants listings.