Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cakes and decorating

We celebrated our grandsons birthday the other day. And Renee, his stepmom, made an awesome cake that I had to show you!!

Renee used Donettes for the tires, Oreo Funstix for the logs and stacks, Twizzlers pull apart licorice for the tie straps, marshmallows and coconut for the snow and so much more!
The most amazing thing was she did this all in the bedroom, so she could surprise him!
Now, if you are like me and not that creative, you might need some help!

How about this Good Housekeeping Cake Lovers WHS from K559? Even the front cover has a luscious cake!!

Want to make your own? Pick up this Wilton 2105-5130 SpongeBob Squarepants Cake Pan Free Ship from Renee4u!

 CurioCache has a great Better Homes and Gardens Creative Cake Decorating to help you get that cake just right!
And if you want to do it the easy way (like me!), CaliforniaTreasures has this
DECOPAC EDIBLE IMAGE BIRTHDAY CAKE DECORATION INDIANA JONES. In fact, they have a whole SELECTION of different decorations to choose from!

And last, not because it has anything to do with decorating, but is a super neat idea for your Valentine, check this out!

So, whatever you are looking for, check first! Great deals and great sellers!!

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