Sunday, February 26, 2012

Terrific Tuesday Sales

Okay, mark your calendars!! We haven't had a Terrific Tuesday Sale for awhile after the picture issue but most are up and running again! And, as YogiBear66 says, "the natives are getting restless"!
So, come on over and join the sale!!

This sale runs for 12 hours on Tuesdays

Times are as follows:

5:30am to 5:30pm (HST - Hawaii Time)

7:30am to 7:30pm (AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time)

8:30 AM to 8;30 PM (OLA time, PDT - Pacific Daylight Time)

9:30am to 9:30pm (MDT - Mountain Daylight Time)

10:30am to 10:30pm (CDT - Central Daylight Time)

11:30am to 11:30pm (EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

So far, the stores that have signed up are:

Krautrock - 10% off fixed prices
ChateyCathey - 20% off jewelry
CDWsGeneralStore - to be announced later
KornKountryTreasures - 10% off all merchandise
OldTurtleHeart - Liquidation sale! Buy one, get one free (lesser price)
CallMeMomo - 20% off fixed, 10% off classics, ending at end of game
CurioCache - Buy 3 books, get 4th free, mix and match between stores
CritterCache - Buy 3 books, get 4th free, mix and match between stores
CountryNaturals - 10% off merchandise
MaggieMayBeCrafty -  Gift with each outgoing package and...
with purchase of $10.00 or more, receive 5 pairs of 21mm silver plated shepherds hook earwires with ball and coil for you to decorate in your own style.
YogiBear66 - Buy 1 get 1 Free any coin auction will end auction as soon as I see it
DraggonTagger - 10% off merchandise and free sample of candy
Grams-Recycle-Bin - Brand new store!!
DustyCorners - Buyer who wants the quilt top or porcelain grandparent dolls gets a 10% discount! Serious buyers can omail me for the request so I can end the auction(s)
Annimae - to be announced
Now, if you've never visited, you do need to be a member to bid or buy or participate in the chats, but it's free to sign up!!

If there are still pictures missing, please bear with us!! Omail the seller and I am sure they can get that particular picture for you!!

So, come on over, we have some great buys, great sellers, and we will have loads of fun!! We will be yammering in the chats, too, so after you've signed up, click on Community and go to Special Sales Events, Terrific Tuesday Sales!! Updates on the sales will be there!! And there might be more stores signing up between now and Tuesday!!

Welcome, come have some fun!!!

And check this out!! Built and hosted by our own CountryNaturals, this link is a great place for everyone to be all together!!

Terrific Tuesday Sale at OLA!!

Check it out!!

Thank you!!