Monday, August 27, 2012

Snowbuddies for Christmas

Whether you want to make a Snowbuddies village for Christmas,  or just enjoy the charm of the snow globes, we have something for your decorating needs!!
Here is a cute Snowbuddies Boot Repair shop!! Get those shoes and boots repaired here!!
Or how about going out to dinner or lunch in the famous Snowville Diner
The seashore always has a lighthouse to light the way!! 
Sunday worship in the local church is a wonderful place to be!!

A little bit of whimsy with Noah's Ark and all the animals, two by two!!
Santa is getting ready for his annual visit!! And he's musical, too!!
 Snowbuddies playing are the highlights of this wonderful musical fountain!! 
What better way to travel than the Snowbuddies Express?? 
Perhaps a ride on this motorcycle will do!! 
The Firehouse is always ready . . . . .
with their nice and bright firetruck!! 
Two cuddly snowbuddies are the feature of this musical snowglobe!!
Or perhaps a waltz or two on this musical snowglobe?
Whatever it is you are looking for, please look over Lots of fabulous sellers here, getting ready to help you with your decorating needs!! It's really right around the corner!!
Stop in and check out the rest of our store!! Korn Kountry Treasures
Thank You!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yogi Bear's Ole Tyme General Store

YogiBear66 is the owner of the Ole Tyme General Store. This past month Yogi has surpassed 5000 positive feedback and is a valuable member of!! And, she is also an accomplished author who has two books out, available to purchase!!
So, come on over and take a peek at what is available!! Coins (lots), books, jewelry and so much more!!

Natural Raw Quartz

So, come on in and browse around!! See if there isn't something you can't do without!!

Another great seller on!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping At OLA!

I have recently made the transition from seller to buyer, as I started a new career in fundraising for my favorite charity, Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary. (Check out all the cute animal pics on their new Facebook page.)

Anyway, I still want to stay involved in the goings-on at OLA, so I spend part of my time browsing and promoting the cute things I find, there. For example:

Have you ever heard of a Cuddleuppet? Absolutely adorable! If Santa finds out, there will be a whole lot of these under Christmas trees this year.

Speaking of Christmas, check out this cute snow globe. (I love the knitted mittens and hats.)

OLA members have a forum, where they share all sorts of things. One of the categories is "What's For Sale on OLA." You don't have to be a member to take a peek at these great deals, so click on over and check them out, anytime. If you're on Twitter, search the #ShopOLA hashtag for even more great bargains. HAPPY HUNTING!

(To find out more about OLA, check out their Facebook page.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

LED Tester for your Remote Control

Did you know that you can easily test your remote control to see if it's the battery or if the LED light is dead?? All you need is a digital camera. Even your phone camera will work!!

Just turn the camera on and point it towards the little light at the end of the remote. Test each button by pressing it. The LED light will flash in the view finder. That's all there is to it!!

So, need a replacement for your DVD remote cuz the dog ate it??

Or maybe it got lost in that old couch??

You wanta watch that movie but you can't find the durn thing!!!

Well, maybe I can help!! I have two working DVD remote controls listed right now!! Check them out at KornKountryTreasures and see if this will get  you out of your predicament with the lost control.

Now, if this isn't what you need, just check around on Lots of great deals and great sellers. And if you are looking for something particular, just sign up FREE as a buyer and make your request known under Want to Buy in the Chats. Sometimes, someone has EXACTLY what you are lookin' for!!!

Have a super day!!! And Thank You!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Game of Gossip

Gossip ~ from Bing Dictionary: 

     1. conversation about personal matters: conversation about the personal details of other people's lives, whether rumor or fact, especially when malicious 

     2. casual conversation: informal conversation or writing about recent and often personal events 

     3. habitual talker: somebody who habitually discusses the personal details of others' lives 

Do you remember the Gossip Game or perhaps (like me) you called it the Telephone Game? Where a group of kids would stand in a line or sit in a circle. The first kid would make up a sentence about someone. And each kid would whisper what they thought they heard into the next ear and so on . . . . . until the kid at the end would have to repeat the sentence out loud. Of course, the faster it was said the more jumbled it became and the funnier it was at the end!! 

Even the Bible warns about gossip: Proverbs 16:28 A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.  

This is just one of many verses addressing the problems of gossiping and those that partake in the gossip.

Have you noticed a trend?? We don’t gossip in person as much as we do ONLINE!! This new method of socializing lets us take bits and pieces and pass it on just because it sounded good. Politicians?? They have a market on it!! And I’m not saying which side is worse, they have both been actively “gossiping” for years!! And we fall for it!!

When you post something or email something, do you take the time to check it out for accuracy before passing it on? If we are saying something about someone, don’t we need to be sure that it is true?

I had never paid much attention to the posts, etc. and have been just as guilty, merrily reposting something I believed in just because . . . . . . . was it true??

A great place to check for some of these stories is I have found a lot of half truths and rumors that I could have squashed had I checked there first.

This isn’t going to clean up all the gossip but wouldn’t it help if we each did our part? Perhaps we could set a good example for our kids.

Please join me and try to check for accuracy before passing something of substance on to the next person.

Thank you!!

Oh, and here is a piece of information that is TRUE, not rumor but FACT!!!! has some of the best deals around!! Come check us out!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to Treasures Unique from TJinTX!!!

Just listed were some awesome Juicy Couture jewelry pieces!!

Each of these items are in a gift box ready to present for a special occasion!! Birthday, a Thank You or even Christmas!! And shipping is combined so if you chose all three, you could save more!!

Treasures Unique is a great shop to browse!! New and vintage items, lots of pretty jewelry and a great seller to boot!!! Check out the store!! User name is TJinTX.

Don't forget to check out the other stores and listings!! Lots to offer!! And if you are interested in selling, check it out!! $8.00 a MONTH to list, sell, EVERYTHING!!! No final value fees!! You can't beat it!!!

As always, I will also invite you to our store, KornKountryTreasures!!

Have a super day!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Military Collectables

For some reason, military memorabilia has always been HUGE!! It should be . . as it represents the sacrifice that so many made in defense of our rights and freedoms.
Today, I was looking around to see what other items I could find on I was surprised at the amount of things found!! Everything from postcards to equipment. Lots of patches and wonderful pins!! Just look at what we have to offer!!! (lots more out there, too!!)

From 4lllls, we have this beautiful Silver Military Wings Large 18 gr

And of course, we have several pieces to offer at KornKountryTreasures!!

So, if you are looking for military memorabilia, check out!! You will be glad you did!!

To all that served, God bless you!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lacquer Jewelry Box Mirror Tray

For your shopping pleasure, we have a beautiful lacquer jewelry box just listed today!! Gorgeous red flower on top with black all around. Lined in red brocade material.

If this isn't what you are looking for, please feel free to stop by our store, KornKountryTreasures!!

And don't forget, we have many other sellers on that would love to have you drop in!!

Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Wannabe Blogger Blogging

I say a wannabe blogger blogging because I am trying to do this and get it right. I have done it before during the challenge FleaPirates had and I did it right so I am wondering why I cannot do it right now.

So here it goes another try before I make another call to her for help. I will be blogging items from my store only so if I do not get it right I will not mess others up.

This is the first of these I had posted

Pierced Fashion Earrings

Pretty Green PauA Shell Dolphin Post Earrings

Heart in Heart Earrings

So if I did this right I will not have to make a call and if I did it wrong I will be calling.

Thanks for viewing my blog test and I hope you visit my store at chateycathey to see what else I am offering at this time. While you are there you can go to the top and do a search for items by listing it in the search which will take you to other sellers stores offering those items you are looking for on OLA the only place for buyers and sellers are equally treated.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy

OLA Swansea

I would like to introduce  you to's first licensed consignment store!!! Located in Swansea, MA, they offer a wide variety of items in behalf of their cosigners!! I was amazed at what I found in their store!!




They have TONS of coins, stamps and LOTS of jewelry, plus LOTS of LOTS!!

So, check this out!! A huge variety of things to choose from!! And don't forget there are other great stores to shop in!! Great sellers and great prices!!
Thank you!! And we would be honored if you chose to browse through our store while you are at it ~ KornKountryTreasures!!