Thursday, November 5, 2009

Garden History Chapter 15

The Back Yard Garden By Night
This summer I was meandering in the back yard and thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of the garden by night.
This is a picture of the dwarf apple tree bearing fruit. By the way, the apples were delicious!

In an earlier chapter I told you what we did with the lattice and this bench seat. This photo shows the morning glories climbing right up to the top and over. I think I might put a little table in front of the bench. That might make for a cozier sitting arrangement! Just trying to hid the brick path to nowhere.
These next picture is of the vegetable garden. In our climate we can usually plant string beans several times because of the long growing season. I believe this was planting number three. Some of the plantings had a harder time than others because we had a pretty bad water shortage.
I like to keep a little light in the back yard so we found these nifty solar yard lights. Normally people put them in the ground but we wanted them on the fence so my hubby modified them so we could do just that. The put out much more light this way too. I lightened this first picture a bit so you can clearly see some of the drought damage to the grass.

The fence reminds me of a runway, when night falls.

Stay tuned for the next chapter. Thanks.