Monday, July 12, 2010

OLA Members Play The Name Game

We used to have a weekly event on OLA called Interesting Items of the Week. We haven't had it for quite some time, and I was thinking about bringing it back and maybe even giving it a new name.

The way it worked was one seller would start the week off picking out an item from another chattie's listings. They would list a picture, the link to the item, and some type of comment about the item. The next poster would do the same for the first person who posted. For example:
I start the weekly thread. I pick and profile an item from someones listings. The next person to post would pick and profile an item from my store. The next person to post would pick and profile an item from the listings of the person who picked and profiled my listing. And so on... the following week would begin by using the last person who posted on the previous weeks thread. It's a lot easier than it sounds!!! There's no buying involved. No selling involved. Just neighborly promotion of someone elses items who posted just before you did.

We have a thread in the chat forums where we are taking suggestions for a new name. Here is what we have so far:

1. From The Seller Above

2. From The Store Above

3. Interesting Items

4. Found Around The Neighborhood

5. Knick Knacks From The Neighborhood

6. Intriguing Items


8. My Neighbor Has

9. Something From The House Above

10. Something From The House Next Door

11. Look What I Found

12. I Spy

13. EXPOSED!!!

Do you have a name for this event that you'd like to submit? I'm taking suggestions through Friday, July 16th. We'll vote on Saturday, July 17th (voting from midnight to midnight Pacific Time). Remember that the title you submit should be something that would make someone, perhaps a new OLA Member or a First Time Visitor to OLA Chats want to open up the thread. We're trying to stay away from words like "Sale", "Buy", or anything else that infers that buying or selling is part of the weekly event (because buying and selling are not part of the event... Exposure is the Name of the Game for this weekly thread).

If you are interested in submitting a title to be voted on, here's the thread: (you do have to sign in to post your proposed title). If you have a suggestion and aren't already a member at OLA, this is a great time to join! You could have the perfect title for this weekly event, so go ahead and sign up now at (Free Memberships for Buyers and/or Browsers) and tell 'em MetzyMom sent you!!!

See You In Chats!!!