Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snowfall of the season and chocolate

I just walked outside -it is 9pm here in Ca,we are at 3000 ft and what a surprise.We have our first snow of the season!not much but enough,even a flurry is too much for me LOL.
Wellbeing a bear and all besides hibernating,snow makes me think of chocolate!Not just any kind of chocolate but HOT CHOCOLATE the kind with lots of tiny little marshmellows floating around in the steam.Can't you just taste it and feel the warmth now:)
Did you know that you can get all your hot chocolate equipment right on
That's right like this one

Hershey's Kiss Hot Cocoa Set
This special cocoa set will make your hot chocolate time even more special with a kiss shaped pot and mugs.They even have the famous Hershey Flag for the handles. Winter will be here sooner than you think, grab this special collectable before they are all gone!

Features Include:

 Special 100th Anniversary Collectible
    * Comes with 2 Mugs, Cocoa Pot, and Serving Tray
    * Made of ceramic
    * Pot measures 7 x 7 x 7 inches
    * Mugs measure 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches
    * Overall measurement is approximately 12.5 x 8.5x 8      

 And do not forget the mug!

And if that isn't enough I even found a Hershey's Chocolate Cookbook
only $1.00

Amazing what can be found!

So stay warm the best way possible 

    Engagement parties

    I had never heard of engagement parties until about 3 months age and I got invited to one for my my neice. Not knowing what it was all about I called and ask what is it all about.

    Thinking this is just a cool way to get two sets of gifts. I was told it was just a meet and greet for borh sides of the family so at the wedding everyone would pretty much know each other. No gifts please I was told.

    Well after we got there and I saw gifts I felt so bad. I was then told that they would not be opened because the invitation specefially saId 'NOT GIFTS PLEASE'. The bride to be came over and thanked me for not bringing a gift and I am sorry if you were embarrassed. Her Mom came over and said the same thing. Only about a third of the people who came brought gifts.

    To My surprise the bride to be was taking one gift back at a time and giving it to the person who brought it and thanking them and asking if they would mind to keep it and bring it to the wedding as there were supposed to be no gifts at an engagement party.

    Everyone seemed to be okay with that and the party went on very nicely. I am still thinking to myself why bring a gift to a meet and greet especially when the invitation said no gifts please. It just puts one person or another in an uncomfortable position.

    Now that it is over I have time to do my blog for the day.



    I hope you like my offering tonight and will look at my other items I have for sale at

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    Please continue to pray for Jen (DT)  Thank you


    My brother sent me this adorable video of a guy who is raising a baby hummingbird. Thought I'd just pass it brightened up my day! (and made me go outside, bring in the feeders and clean 'em up!)

    Click here to see this delightful little critter!

    Speaking of hummingbirds, here are a few fun hummer things I found at!

    Sterling Hummingbird Pendant from jewelrybychristopher Click Here!

    Adorable necklace from Mythroans-Dream-Compass Click here!

    OLA Rocks!

    I found this floating around Facebook today.  Valerie Fain (Author of the Video) posted it there, I thought you might like viewing it if you haven't see it yet!

    Bring Back The Age of Penpals!

    In today's digital world, it's so easy to whip out an email, compose a short Facebook message, or talk to our friends via a 140 character tweet. It's expected. It's also pretty impersonal, wouldn't you agree?

    Bring back the age of Penpals, I say! Did you ever have a penpal? I was fortunate at the age of 9, I think, to find a friend who loved horses as much as I did. We were both a member of the same club. She lived in Oklahoma and I lived in Illinois. So we became penpals and good friends in an instant! My Dad, bless his heart, even rerouted a family vacation so that we could drive through Oklahoma and meet her. I was thrilled to finally get to see my friend in person.

    The best part about being penpals is the intimacy that writing requires and the charm that a hand-written correspondence elicits! You must care enough about that person to sit down and write intelligently... not just a quick electronic, "Hey! How are ya?" Penpals ask each other questions and they actually want to know the answers! They write of emotions, experiences, celebrations, and disappointments. They listen... they learn about each other... and they share a bond that is only comparable to the bond of best friends forever.

    When was the last time you wrote a heart-felt note or letter to a friend or family member? (Not counting signing your name to a generic greeting card!)  And when was the last time you received one? Do you remember how exciting it was to see something other than bills or advertisements in your mail?

    I have a penpal today. Oh yes, we talk on the phone, when time permits, and send emails and text messages, etc., but nothing quite compares to the letter.

    Who could you surprise with a letter today?

    Here's a good way to get started... each is available at!

    Thanksgiving / Fall / Autumn
    Notecards with Envelopes

    from FleaPirates

    Village Artisan Ornamented
    Handmade Paper Stationary Set

    from CMIAuction

    The Season Fall Brings . . . . . . .

    The season fall brings crisp apples, pumpkins, toasty evening fire and of course


    To really enjoy that game, ya need the jersey to cheer on your team!

    Here at, we have quite a few!

    Some are even autographed!

    So, if you're lookin' for yourself or for a gift for a loved one this holiday, stop on over at and check them out!!

    If you like one of these, click on the picture and it will take you to the listing!!

    And take a moment to check out our store!

    We thank you!!

    Oh, don't forget to FALL BACK one hour this Sunday morning!!

    Musical Story of Vincent van Gogh

    “Vincent," as you may know, was a song by Don McLean, written in the seventies as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. It is also known by its opening line, "Starry Starry Night", a reference to van Gogh's painting "Starry Night."

    The song describes different paintings by Van Gogh.

    Don McLean wrote the lyrics in 1971 after reading a book about the life of the artist. The following year the song became the No. 1 hit in the U.K. and No. 12 in the U.S.

    For several years, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam played the song daily. A copy of the sheet music is in a safe beneath the museum, along with a set of van Gogh's paint brushes, the hat he wore while painting Starry Night and various other items.

    It is rumored that Van Gogh's painting of the 'Starry Night' was painted during the time he was in an asylum and we've heard that he sold only one painting during his lifetime, as his genius was not recognized. That's perhaps what caused him to fall into an abyss of depression which eventually led to his suicide. How tragic to have felt so hopeless and not understood in spite of being so gifted!

    This video with exquisite music accompanied by Van Gogh's paintings really moved me. It is beautiful and thought provoking. It's time for a moment of beauty.

    Goda di...enjoy!

    CLICK HERE for Don McLeans Your Cheating Heart A collectible 45 rpm being sold by JRFLEAMARKET's at Online Auction

    Take a moment and browse all my collections of ashtrays, tobacciana, advertising, vintage items at Supergrannys Treasures

    Online Auction

    Live Love Laugh!

    Christmas Hint #5 -- Gift Cards

    If your people are difficult to buy for, consider gift cards. It’s never too early to look for special deals that reward you with free gift cards. Beware of online gimmicks, however. A $25 gift card offer may be legit, but if they promise you a $1,000 gift card for filling out a survey, it’s probably a scam. When shopping for gift cards, pay attention to the fine print. Most store and restaurant gift cards give you what you pay for, but Visa, M/C, etc., may charge a hefty premium for their cards.

    Always check your major store receipts. Many of them offer a chance at a high-end gift card for filling out a survey on their website. It only takes a few minutes and most people don’t realize this opportunity is available so there isn’t as much competition as you might think. These offers usually carry a deadline, so be sure to complete the survey within a day or two.

    If you plan on giving gift cards, it’s fun to combine them with another gift to make it seem more personal. We attach ours to grocery store goodies, like beef jerky, pistachio nuts, or Almond Rocca to make them more interesting.

    Since gift cards are about the same size as bookmarka, why not include them with a paperback book from OLA.

    Horse'n Around

    I  have had horses for about 40 years, mostly Morgans, but the last 6 years have been minis. Needless to say,  I haven't ridden in a while.  Tonight I went to watch my friend Christin ride the cute paint mare she's leasing. I got so excited! I forgot how big "real" horses are, and I wanted to ride Frankie soooo bad.  I was just itchin' to get up there and work on her little circle issues, and try to get some impulsion out of her hindquarters...but, alas, she's not mine to work with. Just gotta stick with my 5 little guys - they keep me busy enough! Minion's gonna be the "chosen" one to do a lot of the work, but his brother Jazz and dad Cal are so incredibly snazzy, they may have to have a show career... gotta wait till winter's over tho!!
    I have found some handy items for my horses at like  a nice canvas blanket for Jazz when he was born. Here are a few suggestions for a horse lover's Christmas list:

     From Fleapirates, a NICE new natural leather horse-size halter and lead or some DANDY stirrup irons:

      Hurry and click here to get these before they're gone!

     Bchaflingers have this wonderful Usborne Book about Pony Care to offer:

           Whoa! Click here to purchase this!

    Found among a variety of animal-related things in Crittercache is one of my favorite non-fiction horse books The Body Language of Horses. A classic!

             Skeedaddle to crittercache to buy this!

    And from curiocache, there are a variety of equestrain themed t shirts to pick from!

         To get this shirt plus FREE SHIPPING, click here!
    Have You Ever Wondered….

    ….why people have items in lots to sell? I have. Where do they get this stuff? Why do they have so many, say, pairs of earrings for sale at once? Who does that? Where do they keep all these things? Why did they have them to begin with?

    I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but I’m sure glad these people do have these things. I buy lots and break them up for resale quite often. Works for me, works for them. Works for my customers. It’s a win-win-win situation all way round.

    Check out some of these lots up for sale at I do it, you could too!!! Let everyone win!!! (And sometimes it’s just plain fun to see what people are selling!!!)

    There are literally thousands of lots to purchase and resell, or to collect for yourself. How about as gifts for a collector you know? You must check out to see what all is there. And have fun doing this. I find it fun and interesting.
    And while there, check out my OLA house. Maybe you'll see something I bought from you!!!!