Thursday, November 3, 2011 YOU clip?

Ok, today I headed to town.  Arm'd & ALL ready to run my errands in a BIG circle and then RUSH home to make supper before rush'n out the door to head to the Chapel.

I'm a "clip'r"...are you?  Now, you are ask'n what in the world is a "clip'r"???  Well, it is someone who enjoy's the excitement of saving money at the register with paring up coupons with sales.  Yep!  My name is Kim, and I'm a clip'r...(insert here support group saying all together... "Hi Kim!").

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Today as I was reading the blog posts from everyone I noticed a theme of sorts.It was gratitude and life. Now for me gratitude is life and life is gratitude.Not sure if all this is related to the start of the holidays or the fact that a dear friend of our ola family is going through a rough physical time or maybe a combination of. So the rest of my post today is taken from a blog I had started a long time ago some of you have read it some will have forgotten about it and for some it is brand new.This is a challenge for everyone who is willing to at least try it.:)

To see the fastest change in your life,use gratitude to shift your thought energy.When you pull all your energy into seeing and feeling gratitude,you will see miracles start taking place in your life everyday.
To change quickly commit to writing 100 things you are grateful for each day,until you see the change.And feel the gratitude.Your power is going to be in the FEELING that you put into the words of gratitude.
An example of this is I would write down I am grateful for the sunshine, now as I am writing and reading that one sentence I would FEEL the sun-feel the warmth on my skin.
If I write that I am grateful for my coffee I would feel the warm cup in my hands,visually taste the coffee as I sip from my cup.Again the power is in the FEELING.Have fun with this it will take practice but ohhh so worth it to move toward a more joyous,positive life!
So to pick up from the last post about writing a gratitude list,we are going to start seeing changes in ourselves and what we focus on. You will almost automatically without conscious thought be spending more time focusing on the things you appreciate in your life. You start focusing on the things you already have that bring you joy or that you enjoy doing,and you find yourself giving less energy and focus to the things in your life that are stressful.
This tiny little shift in balance if done everyday will quickly and easily turn the tides in your favor.As you start easing up on the things in your life that are stressful or wrong and shift your focus more to the things that are right in your life,that you are grateful for ,you will see that the wrong things in your life start to fade away giving you room to receive more of the things you enjoy. It is only a little shift in our mindset but it can be one of the most difficult for us to do,we are breaking a mental habit after all that has been there for decades!
If we do this everyday, like pushing something down a hill ,at first it is slow but then it speeds up and gains momentum it will lead to better and better days.You will realize that your life has taken on a new direction -one of peace,happiness,joy,prosperity and positivity.
As you see yourself as a positive person so does the world. Remember the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Positive will attract more Positive . You can no longer lose!One more question to ponder How many miracles have you seen  or heard of today?

Christmas Hint #3 -- Gift Wrapping

If gift-wrapping is one of your specialties, now is a good time to think about unique wrapping ideas.

If recycling is a priority, save the Sunday funnies to use as gift wrap.

Paper bags opened flat and decorated by little kids with crayons are wonderful for wrapping. If you don’t have little kids of your own, you could probably hire some neighbor kids for a quarter to complete this task.

Shop-towels make interesting gift wrap for small automotive or garage-use guy gifts.

Dollar stores sometimes carry mesh laundry bags in 3 packs. A small, practical gift wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed into one of these bags is also good for a smile.

We absolutely love our “Green Bags” for fruits and veggies. If you’re careful, these can be used as reusable gift bags for grownups who cook.

Here are some gift bag ideas from RobinsGoneShopn at

Wella Color Charm Gel Hair Color Sale

I have been a Cosmetologist for 46 years and just recently retired. I have hair color stock that I cannot return to place of purchase for anything other than a store credit. This does me no good because I won't need to visit that store very often.

So, I am offering the Wella Color Charm hair colors, I have left, at a very discounted price. These tube colors have a shelf life of at least 5 years, if unopened. Some of the boxes have some spill stains but I assure you the tubes are unopened and in tact.

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Solid Brass Raised Horse Head Hook

This brass horse head hook is brand new!
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Be Thankful For What We Have

We've all had, even if brief, thots of wanting to be one of the 'haves' and resenting the fact that maybe you are a 'have not'.

If you muse on that for a while, I think you will come to the conclusion that you are most likely fortunate to be a 'have not'...I am so grateful and thankful for a small home that is homey, comfortable, and ours, we have enough to eat, our daughters and family loves us, our kitties loves us, our little car is ours and loves being in our small town, I could just keep on expounding.

Now, if you were a 'haves' you would have to worry that your burglar alarm is set correctly, you're afraid your children could be kidnapped or hurt, does your household help steal from you, is your gardener honest, you wonder what the neighbors will think if you don't get a new and better car soon,  what is going to happen if I can't get my children into the 'good' schools, I could go on ad nauseum.  Not to mention all these still have to be paid for and that is a horrible feeling.

Yes, I'll be a 'have not' and I'm very content and thankful!

There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt...

I am thankful I wake up every morning to read my handwritten note to myself..'choose to be happy today'. Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.

I am thankful I found out how to take the 'gas' out of canned beans...(rinse, cook for 10 mins in 1/4 C tap water and 2 tsp of vinegar, rinse and use).  Yes, this really works.....totally tootless beans and they taste no different than beans full of toots.

I am making sure I have all the makings for our usual Thanksgiving dinner...musing about the turkey....thankful I am not a turkey.

It's Thanksgiving soon so let’s ignore diet tips at least until the leftovers are gone. Remember, “tips” spelled backwards is “spit.”..........that’s gotta mean something.  My mind is wandering....

I am thankful that if I don't finish something today, I can finish it up tomorrow....think I'll take a nap....

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Safe Neck Scarves for Kids

This is called a tube scarf made by Draggon Tagger and it shows how you can pull it up over your head to form a "snood".

There are several reasons why I like these neck scarves.

Did you know that kids can be strangled by neck scarves getting caught in car doors, bus doors and the like? That was the reason that there was a voluntary recall of drawstrings on jackets and coats for children back in the '90's.

My kids and then my grandkids rode the school bus. It was hard enough getting THEM on the bus with their clumpy boots, big backpacks and heavy coats, hats and mittens. When the grandkids started riding, I couldn't keep them in their scarves and it dawned on me that if I just crocheted a "tube", kind of like a real wide neckline on a sweater, it would work just fine!!

And it did!!

My friend, Draggon Tagger makes these for children only they are knit!! I like them better as they have a closer weave. She has several up for sale right now and they are a wonderful bargain!!

Keep your child or grandchild from tripping over the ends or getting caught or hurt by purchasing a tube scarf for them! And they won't be dragging all over picking up all kinds of germs!! After seeing the Dr. Oz show and the kinds of germs that he was finding on some of his audiences scarves, I was stunned!!

Tube Scarf Child Size Boys Brown

Tube Scarf Glamour

These are for sale right now and I am sure that she will be making more over the winter months!! So bookmark her house, Draggon Taggers Cave, and check them out!!

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What is a Rasi

Well Supergranny it is time to tell you what a Rasi is. Rasi is my husband's last name. To tell you how that happened I need to tell you a little about me first.

I did not get married the first time until I was in my fourty's. For a good reason I just did not trust men.

The man I married was very nice and good man. His name was Phil. He treated me well. Unfortunately we were only married a little over five years when he got ill. I also took care of a relative of mine for 16 years, her name was Gwyn. They got along just fine.

I don't know if you know this or not but when you call for an ambulance in the state of Florida they send an ambulance, a fire truck and a police car for each call. On the morning Phil got very sick it upset Gwyn so much that her BP went up and the ambulance that was there called for assistance for Gwyn. Two of each emergency responders were all in front of my house. Two ambulances, two fire trucks and two police cars.

Phil was admitted to the hospital about 15 minutes before Gwyn was. Strange day that was. Phil came home after a two day stay and Gwyn came home after a six day stay.
About two months later Phil died, and Gwyn continued to live with me. It was three monthe later that Gwyn's doctor admitted her to a nursing home because she would not eat. She lived there for a while but ten months after Phil died she died. She weighed 49 lbs when she passed away. Now I was the care giver with no one to care for.  It was hard and to top that off my little pomeranian got out and was killed by a car. It was definately a rough year for me.

One night my neice who was 23 at the time came to my home and used her key to get in. I was at the computer and I forgot to hide the gun I had by my side. She was very upset and said "What are you doing with the gun out here by you". I told her to calm down and I put it back where I kept it. She spent the night, said she was afraid to leave me alone.

I was so lost I had contemplated killing myself but I did not tell her. Actually I told no one. At the time I was really low and it hit me like a lightening bolt that God gave me my life and He is the only one who has the right to take it. I cried all night wondering what I was going to do with the grief I felt.

I had never been in a chat room and had no idea how to even find one. I want you to understand that because when I went to the computer I went directly to the chat rooms on aol and into the widow and widowers chat room. I know I was led there because before I got there I did not even know it existed.

I was there about a week before I opened up to anyone. Then one night one of the women told me to block my instant messaging. She said some men come in the chat looking for widows to hit on. I blocked it. Then we began chatting and her an another woman stayed up almost all night with me and let me talk and ask questions. That helped me so much. It was about three weeks and I was talking to other people that came into the room needing someone to listen.

I guess I was there about three months when we noticed someone come into the room and just not say anything. We could tell it was a man becuase of the user id he had. He did not talk and he left. This went on for about four nights then he started talking. He had lost his wife about two months ago and he had a 15 year old son who was taking it really hard. She had a kidney transplant and she was s brittle diabetic so she had a rough time of it. By this time I was helping others and that helped me.

This went on for about six months and one night he ask me if I ran the room. I told him no one runs the room we are all here because we need support. He ask if he could IM me and I said NO. He ask if he could email me and I said NO. People knew to get into that chat room you had to be on aol and that your user id was probably your email address also. I got an email that was really off color so I reported it to aol and sent them a copy of it. I am not a prude but some topics are off limits. That put an end to that guy as aol terminated his membership. No big deal he could sign up again using a different name.

This is getting kind of long and I don't want to take up all the blog as others are blogging also. I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow. If you are interested you can tune in tomorrow and if not you can skip it but it will be here.

Going over this part of my life does not put me in the mood to list an item I have for sale so I will leave a link to get you to my OLA house if your interested in what I sell

Thank you for reading my blog and leave a comment please...good or bad they all count.