Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Man Winter

 Old Man Winter is just getting started, shaking his ugly head, making things miserable outdoors for a lot of us. What better way to spend those cold, snowy days that creating something fun and useful?

Here at, we have wonderful ideas for crafts of all sorts!!

Maggiemaybecrafty has these 10 Bookmark Blanks as well as lots of other things to add!!

Uneekbouteek has dozens of different patterns including this cute Jonell's Transfer Loop Embroidery Pattern!

For something very simple, Amber_2431 has a great Creating No-sew Scented Sachets booklet as well as other enticing booklets!!

DustyCorners has this wonderul All Angels Welcome Painting Book and so many more to choose from!

MajikMerlin has dozens of wonderful ceramic molds like this New Mold Duncan Easter Basket Cookie Press Mold!

Whatever your fancy, come on over and check out the crafts and hobbies at and spend those cold, blustery days having some fun making something to be enjoyed for years to come!!

Thank you!!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

  ~ FleaPirates  at ~

A Little Act of Kindness..Fleapirates Style..

A few months ago, Fleapirates asked in our chat room if anyone had any Scrabble tiles available, as she was going to make pendants out of them. I found a Scrabble game at a yard sale and sent them to her to use. She has made some amazing ones... and what a great way to "re-purpose" something!  Well, I got a little package in the mail from Flea, and opened it, and was DELIGHTED to see she had taken some of those tiles and put my horse's pictures on them!! 2 of my favorite little man, Minion, the miracle baby, and one of his  Mom, Jazzmine.
I just think this so cool - I can show off my little "family" everywhere I go. What a fantastic Christmas surprise this was!!
So, I thought I'd showcase just a few of the fun/unique/clever items Fleapirates has for sale!

Wow! A Victoria's Secret DOG!

I would soooooo get these if they were my size! Ladies Privo by Clarks Mary Janes!

A purple sparkly snowflake Scrabble tile pendant!

I just think this is so elegant! Dahlia with Rhinestone Scrabble tile pendant!

I priced these at the Nature store near here.. TREMENDOUSLY expensive... but not if you get them from Fleapirates! Artesania Vicuna Llama baby!!

This is just a small sample of Flea's wares.. there are more Scrabble pendents, books, DVDs, collectible stamps, pottery, and so much more! Take a looooooong peek at Fleapirates Plunder!