Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did you know . . . . . . . .

Did you know that you could substitute club soda for the liquid in your pancake mix to make the pancakes lighter and fluffier??

Did you know that if your feet sweat a lot, you can alleviate that by soaking your feet in tea??

 Did you know that lemon juice is good for cleaning copper??

Did you know that an easy way to control weed in the cracks between the cement is to sweep baking soda into the crack??

Did you know that purchasing a small helium balloon and tying it to the childs belt loop or wrist is a good way to help you keep tabs on the child??

Did you know that rubbing alcohol is a good degreaser and takes off a lot of sticky residues??
Did you know that when you start your car in the mornings when it's really frosty, you can hasten your window cleaning by putting down both visors and turning on the defrost??

Did you know that hair conditioner makes a good polish for stainless steel??

Did you know that storing the berries and grapes in a colander in the frig will keep them tasty longer??

Did you know you can unstick a drawer by using a candle to rub on the runners?? Not while it's burning, of course!!

Did you know that you can soften hard marshmallows by putting in a slice of bread for a couple of days??

Did you know that you can use a baster to make perfect pancakes??

Did you know that OLA.com is the best place to buy, to sell, and to BE????

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Thank you!