Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lenox Porcelain ~ Fine Quality Giftware

Lenox Porcelain ~ Fine Quality Giftware

In 1859, Walter Scott Lenox was born in Trenton, New Jersey.  Often called "the Staffordshire of America," Trenton supported over 200 potteries near the turn of the century.  

Queen Victoria's influence was falling on the U.S. at that time too, as a love for ornate decorations began to spread among society.

By 1875, Lenox had worked as decorator and designer for several Trenton potteries, including Ott & Brewer (he was the design director) and Willets Manufacturing.  Both potteries produced a version of the cream colored, pearly glazed porcelain made popular by Irish Belleek.

In 1889, Lenox Ceramic Art Company opened, offering one of a kind pieces instead of a full line of ceramic items.  Less than ten years later, examples of the fine Lenox ware could be found in the Smithsonian Institution collection.

Lenox continues in the fine quality tradition today, offering a full line of china and giftware.  I am pleased to offer several Lenox Estate found pieces in my OLA shop.

I found this I found this in the shop of Philadelphia James, who also happened to have some other neat items!

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