Monday, July 1, 2013

Advantages of joining forces with

Online has been a real positive experience since my discovery and membership this year. Before joining, I was floundering around other auction sites, trying to find a way to buy and sell things for additional income and to establish a foothold in my market area. At first without any knowledge, I thought I was really doing something...thought I was in "high cotton"...
Navigating through endless emails from other sites on rules, regulations, fees, etc., I was starting to wonder if there was an alternative to all this madness. Seemed as though whenever I went to sell (or buy) on another site, it would cost me more than I bargained for. It really started to make me there a "better way" to shop for the things that interest me in my industry?

I did a quick i'net search, and lo & behold, came up as one of the TOP 10 alternatives to "the other" sites for buying and selling, with just ONE monthly fee of $8.00/month!!! The kicker is NO FINAL VALUE FEES!!! I sold something earlier on in my auction site marketing campaign on another site for a fair amount, and the fee I had to pay the site made me want to cry. Shortly after the emotional trauma and pain, I discovered

 I said, "Huh...let's have a look see here"...The rest is history, I was hooked on for the duration of my i'net marketing campaign. I and many others were completely blown away with the ease of use and the friendly people in the help forum community that go out of their way to assist you in whatever questions you might have about the site. That in itself was the deciding factor for why I switched to to mention the amount of MONEY I save not paying excessive fees!

Since my signing on with, the results have been astounding! I have had numerous site views, and more every day. With linking to other advertising media, I have had excellent exposure and overwhelming activity with our primary product line, Flatbed Bodies for Pickup and Work Trucks.

Now that we know there's an alternative to the high fees and rules and such, let's take a look at some of the great stuff from that's offered every day, by the nicest folks you can ever dream of dealing with.
Just log on to OLA.COM to see for yourself. Better yet, if you're already established on another auction site, I encourage you to take the steps towards joining the team on, and have another source for  marketing your just might be surprised how easy and affordable it is compared to the current situation. I'd like to see as many people as possible switch over to OLA.motors and start listing their trucks, cars, parts, equipment, tools, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks....whatever you have that you want to sell...come join a growing, positive and forward-striving auction site that is going nowhere but UP in terms of exposure and market share. The sky's the limit for OLA!
There's many categories to shop in there too...from A to Z. Great deals on household items, collectibles, antiques, abacuses to Zamboni's. (I better provide an explanation of those two items...abacus' haven't been used in a few years, and Zamboni's aren't exactly a common household name just everwhere either.)
This is the early version of a cash register. Back in the day, before Ben Franklin flew his kite in that lightening storm and got a new hairdo, these were used to count things. Fortunately, since Thomas Edison's contributions in electrical systems, we now have a lot easier methods to keep track of transactions.

This is a "Zamboni". It was invented by the Zamboni family as a way to smooth out the surface of an ice skating rink by applying a spray of water, and then screeding the top layer of ice to a mirror-smooth finish. Prior to the Zamboni, the skating experience wasn't as pleasant...the guys were fighting for the smooth parts of the rink, thus the first hockey game fights were created. (that's just a joke, please don't take that as gospel...)
 With all that out of the way now...I hope you get the BIG picture. From A to Z, abacus' to Zamboni machines, is definitely a great way to get your items out in front of the masses.

Please visit and see for yourself.

Have a great day!

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