Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun in Las Vegas & Blue Diamond

We had a wonderful time, despite our hotel being less than promised. Enjoyed meeting my cyber-friends, who are now my new REAL friends - so nice to have a human to put with the typing! What fun ladies! Smart, funny, clever, motivated, strong, compassionate, sensible - just a few words to describe them. Dave had a great time meeting them too, and now "gets" what I'm talking about when I'm yakking at him!
Bonnie Springs Ranch is still the little gem it's been for decades, tucked away near the Red Rock Canyon in Blue Diamond.
I was lucky enough to meet Miss Bonnie, the gal who started it 50 years ago. She still bottle feeds new baby animals, and plays with her "kids" - a wolf and 2 Canadian Lynx. Other fun animals there to see, up close and personal, are llamas, mini burros, pot bellied pigs, goats, sheep, Coatimundi, Patagonian Cavies, Porcupine, exotic bunnies and guinea pigs, horses, mini horses, long horn steer, buffalo, ducks, swans, turtles, deer, emu, a really cool Raven, peacocks EVERYWHERE, wallabies, ferrets, chickens...and more! It's not a fancy place, so if you don't like dust, the smell of animals, slobber and the occasional poop, it may not be to your liking. I relish all that!!
We had lunch in the rustic Western theme diner there, and Dave said his meal of big meaty BBQ ribs, crunchy fresh coleslaw on a bed of crisp lettuce and thick hot fries was the best he had in Vegas! Bonnie Springs offers a little Old West town, too, complete with train, gunfights and even a good ol' public hanging! Horseback riding , pony rides, weekend rodeos and horse boarding are also available, as well as a themed motel.

Speaking of horses, feel free to check out my horse items for sale at such as the 1960's Marx Best of the West Comanche Horse pictured..

Spring Time Fruit and Flowers!

I took a few pictures of this Spring’s fruit tree blossoms. After the very hard winter we had here it is nice to get outside and, of course, now we are having unusually high temperatures. Almost 90 today!

I am trying to sell my rotor tiller so I am doing my vegetable garden by hand. I do have a nice tool, Garden Weasel Claw, and it does a nice job. Just am doing a row at a time and not the whole garden. Easier on these old bones!

This is the newest arrival to the garden, a thorn-less Blackberry bush. I planted it last week and it already has blossoms this week! Maybe I’ll get one berry.

I know I am going to have a bunch of blueberries this year! My little bush is just loaded with blossoms.

Check out these strange little butter cup type plants. They come up all over the place even in between other flowers. I wonder if anyone knows their real name? The are pretty so I don’t even try to get rid of them. They die off after spring anyway.

I took this picture of my Damson Plum tree but it was a little late to catch all the blossoms. Enough pictures for today. More in a later post. :)

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