Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OLA Team Blog

What a pleasant surprise to get on line each day and check out the OLA team blog. Ola.com has picked up new members over the holidays and to see them joining right in with the blogs is a very good thing.

It is very nice to see this happen and also get to know some of our new members and find out a little about their likes and dislikes, as we all have some of each. I would like to do this blog about a couple who I've seen jump right and are trying  to help OLA.COM grow even though they have not been here long.

Latherupsoap can be reached at the following link http://www.onlineauction.com/store/latherupsoap
Awesome home made soaps to choose from

Krautrock can be found at the following link
With some very interesting art work amoung other items

This is just two of the new members wanting to be a part of our family and who understand what it takes to help us grow. Thank you so much for the support on behalf of all if us here at OLA.COM. If you have a chance please stop by their stores and see just how nice they are set up and the wonderful items they have to offer as well as a lot of our existing members.

Hope everyone has a great 2012. Together we can help all of us at OLA.COM do just that. And when you are done with that stop by my store at chateycathey as I have been listing new items daily.

Fixing up that automobile!

Like a smooth running vehicle? Run into problems now and again? Like to get bargains?

We here at Korn Kountry Treasures have some fabulous buys for the do-it-yourself-er!! And you can get them cheaper than purchasing them at your auto dealer!!

Most of our items are brand new!! There are a couple of used parts but the listing will clearly tell you if it is used. So take a peek at just a few of the items!!

Normally retails at $95.69!!

Lincoln Carpet Kit 5W1Z5413300BD New OEM only $68.99! Shipping included!
Normally retails for $114.00!!

Normally retails $483.00!!

This normally retails OVER $200.00!!

Normally retails $285.00!

Normally retails for $184.00!!

Lots more deals in our store!! Please check them out!!

And while you're at it, check out what other parts OLA.com members have listed!!

Thank you for stopping by!!


written by Lori Bogner

We are looking for a few good OLA Team members who are already successful or looking for another opportunity to bring in a little extra cash at the end of each month while still maintaining your current commitments.

Credit Card Machine Store is a leader in the Merchant Service industry and was created on the philosophy of offering our clients the most aggressively priced credit card processing terminal while backing it up with extraordinary customer support. It is our goal to exceed the expectations of our clients, every day.

If you share the same sentiments regarding service, we would like you to join our team. We have a sales division through National Payment Corporation called Team NPC where we hire sales people around the country to help spread the word about us while helping you earn the extra income you desire.

I have been hearing a lot of 'Family' and 'We' ...... and we operate under the same values.

We are currently offering a number of positions and would love to talk with you more regarding becoming a part of our team, Team NPC.


  2. Amazing compensation package

  3. Comprehensive training...to make you a "know it all"

  4. Assigned Manager to help you on sales calls, statement reviews, and special pricing

  5. No application fees, programming, or set up fees

  6. Required honesty, on our side and yours

  7. Lifetime residual income

  8. No risk or liability on any accounts you sign up

  9. 24/7/365 free Technical Customer Support for your merchant

Still not sure? Call us and learn more about this exclusive opportunity!

Hope to hear from all of you regarding this. I am extending this offer to my friends here at OLA!!! If you know someone outside of OLA that you think would be a good fit, please have them call me directly at 866-210-7871.

LET'S MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and have fun while we do it!)