Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Antique Composition and Cloth Doll for Restoration

Antique Composition and Cloth Doll
for Restoration

I wish I knew more about this antique doll!
She came home with me one day because she is just... neat!
Very interesting!
She needs a lot of restoration.
I'll describe her as best I can,
and hope that some collector
will find her as much of a treasure as I do.

This doll measures 30 inches from head to toe.

Click on the title to see all the details,
and to find out where the current bidding
stands on this unique collectible!

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  • Garden History - Chapter 7

    Just a short chapter to add some pictures.
    This is a close up snap of the bushes we have just under the front porch. This picture was taken this summer just after a rain shower. My husband wanted me to take this snap because the bush looked as if it were laden with diamonds. The lay term name, I believe, is Frizzle. It has beautiful leaves that are colored from a dark purple to a dark green and anywhere in between. It has pretty filly hot pink flowers from spring through the summer. It will grow up to 6 feet so I do have to cut it back two or three times a year. This spring it will, again, need a hard cutting.


    These are some of what I call my “man proof” flowers. Day Lilies and some varigated plants on the ends (they have a nice purple flower in the late late summer) and I cannot remember their name. These are hardy enough to withstand mowing, weed eating, neighborhood pets and drought. They are planted around a city Crape Myrtle tree between the street and sidewalk.

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