Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Josef Originals

I have some very pretty Josef Originals Birthday Girls for sale at Onlineauction.com,
and I found several other

Josef figurines as well..

From Curiocache

Another from curiocache

Yep - curiocache again..

Okay - last one of curiocache....

From Goldi!!

So cute! Also from Goldi!

Little squirrel from Goldi!

AWWwww... a baby robin from... GOLDI!

Spring-y little Josef girl from pwittsstuff

Awesome Mens $ Ring Size 12

Awesome Mens $ Ring Size 12

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Closing Stores

I heard on the news today that Sears is closing 150 of its Kmart stores. What a shame this is for the people who will loose jobs and also for America in general. They gave the reason as disappointing sales during the hoilday sales season.

With so many stores closing and so many companies moving to other countries it will soon be very hard to find Made in America items. I always try to find Made in America when I am shopping but it is becoming very difficult.

Many people who are out of jobs or their hours have been cut have gone back to making things at home, like clothes and gifts. Add to these out of work people the fact that so many who serve in our armed forces are coming home now and with no job waiting for them, It is a sad situation.

I have no solution for it except to say if you can find American made please buy it. It may  not be the exact one you wanted but if it is close please consider it. I went looking for a new pair of boots for myself and found 4 pair. All were made in another country so I wound up buying myself some socks to wear with shoes during the cold weather instead of buying the shoes. I do not like socks but I love America.

I also got myself a back pack made in America from callmemomo and it is beautiful and very well made. I feel good about that. At ola.com you can find many people who make items that are home made and very useful. Another seller who has home made items is KornKountryTreasures with items for babies and children plus books on how to make items. I am just amazed how DraggonTagger takes plastic bags and makes plarn purses. By buying from people who make their own items you are also getting one of a kind items.

I also have Made in America items in my store at chateycathey if you would like to check them out.

Thank you for reading my blog and comments are appreciated.

Please have a safe and happy new year

Ooooh, those extra pounds!!

Ok, most of us have put on some unwanted pounds and it ain't done yet!! We still have the New Year's celebrations to get through!

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