Thursday, June 21, 2012

More "Stuff" From OLA

I call it "stuff" as I guess I have so much of it left over from my store and it seems as some sells and is shipped something else takes it's place. It seems never ending. I hear some say they go hunting for treasures to sell on and that is great. Mine seems to have been hiding so well I did not really realize that it was as much as that.

I am not one for the heat of the summer so I do not do the yard sale thing. I would love to have one and get rid of some of the items I have no use for any longer BUT we had contracted to have 4 trees removed as they were a danger to the power lines and we did not want to be the cause of others being in the dark. Before it was over we lost 17 trees and my favorite one was a shade tree which is no longer in our yard. I miss my shade tree very much. Therefore that is why I do not do yard sales.

Also cannot do a garage sale as by NC law we have to keep out hot dog stand in the garage 24/7 when we are not set up and selling. We set up on Saturday night in town at what is called "Pickin' on the square" and it goes from 2nd  week in May until the end of October. The town shuts down main street and about 300 people bring their lawn chairs and listen to a free concert, eat hot dogs and ice cream and visit with people they have not seen over the winter months. I love small towns and small town ways.

So I have been going through my store, lowering some prices and putting some in the "Fixed price" style auction. Hopefully that will maybe help sales. As I was taking care of some of that I realized how much I had let my store go. Some of the titles were vague, sub-titles missing totally (I know I put them in) and lowered some prices. Nothing in my store is ever written in stone and I am usually open to offers. I will need to get the rest of that done before July.

Some of the items I moved to the fixed price section I will list here and you can find more in my store by going to this link. www://

Cocker Spaniel & Two Puppies Figurines

Dog Biscuit Cookie Jar Doggie Jar


Vintage Working Taylor Weather Baroguide

Fire Engine Coin Bank NIB #M

These are just a few of the items I moved to fixed. I would feature others items here but as I titled it as "STUFF" I will not label their items as stuff. Mine is just that to me and theirs is what it is to them. I just hope you visit my store and find something you like and when you are done there please visit our other sellers as so many of them have great items at very reasonable prices.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please leave comments as they all count to me, good or bad, that way I know what I blog about is being read.