Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Quick Twitter Lesson Using the Share Feature at OnlineAuction.com

Here is a quick 'Twitter for Dummies' lesson, and how to use it with OLA "Share" Feature:

1. Sign up for an account at TWITTER (takes no more than 5 minutes)
2. Go to any of your listings (do them all one at a time)
3. Hover your mouse over 'Share' (don't click 'share', or you'll have to search for Twitter, whereas it will be right there in the window if you just hover)
4. Click on Twitter (a window will open and it will be your Twitter account)
5. Click on "Update" (in the Twitter window)
6. Go back to your listing and refresh (be sure to look at how many views you have before you refresh)
7. Check out the views from just one Tweet!!! Those are actual views. Everyone single one means someone clicked on your link in Twitter and it brought them to your listing.

A WORD TO THE WISE: It is easy to get caught up in this form of advertising. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you only do a few at a time or you will be flagged for spamming. Yes, you are allowed to 'spam', but getting carried away is what you are not allowed to do.

SOME EXTRA INFO: You can do this for other OLA members! Every listing here at OLA has the "Share" feature. It works just like described above. So if you see a Hot Deal that one of your friends or colleague is offering, do them a favor and Tweet them too! Remember, each of us has a different set of followers... so spread the Tweets around... but don't get carried away!!! A few at a time... whether they're your listings or someone elses!!!