Saturday, April 6, 2013

ABC's of OLA in 2013

ABC's of OLA in 2013

I got a crazy idea for a blog for OLA yesterday, so I think I am going to run with it.  I now give  notice that I will, for the next 26 or so posts write an alphabetical list of some of the items listed on OLA.  

Starting today with the Letter A.

A is Amusing, Agreeable, Antic, Alluring, Appealing, Attractive, Absorbing, Arresting. 

A is an ant, aardvark*, agouti*, alligator, albatross*, anteater, armadillo, avocet*.  

* I searched for items like this but sadly, found none.  Do you have any of these for sale?  Try OLA!  A world wide, diversity seeking auction site.

A is Antiques, Advertising items, Autographs.

There are lots more fine signed autographs to browse on OLA.  

Next time, I will post about the Letter B, but until then, 
Happy Shopping!