Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beautiful Necklace Bracelet and Earring Set NWOT

Beautiful Necklace Bracelet and Earring Set NWOT just listed in my OLA.COM store. Perfect for that little black dress and the upcoming holidays or anytime.

Please stop by my store at to see what other new items I have listed. Thanks and please leave a comment as they matter to me.

Merry Christmas to everyone. May you all be blessed knowing the reason for the season.

Positive Dealing With Negative People

I signed on today and was checking the chats when I saw someone had posted a message in "wanted to buy". I guess I should have not looked at it because it made me kind of angry. And yes I had to speak my mind.

This person was complaining about being here for many more years than I have been here and this person has hardly had any sales and was leaving OLA and making negative remarks about our site and it got me to thinking.

I left a reply to the post about how you need to promote yourself and how so much help is available to her and all she has to do is come to the chats and read some of the articles about promoting, listing, SEO. He/she was saying their items never show up in the SEO's.

After letting him/her know how much help is here for them I ask why I had not seen them in the chats before. Also ask how they promote their store, self and items. I did not get a reply to my question which I did not expect one anyway.

This has me thinking how well we did in November when Cindy challenged each of us to blog one a day for the month. People were really happy to see how we moved up in the search engines. Curio even found my blog about blogging on the first page days after it was done. So if this person was really watching the google searches he/she should have seen the speed we moved at to get there.

Now I want to go back to that chat and say "Where were you in November?"  How were you promoting your store, your items other members of OLA and OLA itself. However, I will not do that as I think I have said enough in my earlier response. They have to know they cannot just list an item and somehow magically buyers find you first thing. If they have been selling for years like they said they should know you cannot sit on your duff and expect miracles without helping them to happen. Maybe that is why they are negative. I would rather like to think that they did not know how to get help, but we will see as I was not the only one to leave information for them.

We are here to help each other, help oursleves and help people to get very familiar with OLA.COM If we follow what advise is there we can get it done. Left this person with my favorite which is OLA ROCKS. I wish them well but I hope if they ever leave another post please keep it positive and thank you. Maybe they need a copy of  the book Cathy just got published about being positive. It can be found at or get in touch with her at her store at the following here

Keep it positive and it will happen eventually. Thanks for reading my blog and please comment as it means something to me.

The True Meaning of Christmas

I saw a news piece last night that really brought home the true meaning of Christmas.

More and more stores have been offering layaway due to the recession but the one store that has done this for years, is K-Mart. And they have offered it year round instead of just the Christmas season.

Evidently, there has been a number of donors who have been paying off, anonymously, peoples layaway accounts at K-Mart! This, according to a news article in the Des Moines Register, has been happening in larger cities across the country . . . . Nebraska, Michigan, Montana, Indiana and Iowa.

These people have not done this to get rewards, be thanked or even acknowledged! Out of the goodness of their hearts, they have helped struggling families to pay for the presents that these families have tried to supply for their loved ones. This is such a wonderful way to share Christmas!!

I would just bet there are other heart-warming stories out there! I hope that you share them!

For those that are playing "Secret Santa", thank you. For those that are donating to the Salvation Army Red Kettle drive, thank you. For those that are donating time, thank you.

This sharing is the true meaning of Christmas. The first Christmas, when Christ was born, material gifts were GIVEN, they were not received. Perhaps we need to remember that during this busy season and share our blessings.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

My friend Casey with a great idea!

One of my best friends and former co-worker, Casey, and her adorable daughter Lylli, show how to make an easy, inexpensive gift to give! (I like mine warm and gooey, just outta the microwave with vanilla ice cream!)

For some more homemade fun, check out these gems, found at 

Looks good enough to eat, but it's really winter spice SOAP from latherupsoap!

Elegant and handy homemade fabric gift bags - great for wine bottles and more! From Fleapirates!

Charming handmade crocheted hot pad or trivet from Crochenlady!

Lots more surprises to be found at!!