Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pray for those in Oklahoma

I know that most of you have been doing just that . . . . praying for those in Oklahoma.

Sometimes, though, we get busy with our day to day lives and our own problems; too busy to see what has happened to our fellow Americans.

Oklahoma was hit hard . . . and the number of deaths surprised me, considering the devastation. I thought for sure it would be much higher. But those that have to pick up the pieces and rebuild, both their homes and sometimes reshape their families due to a death, those are the people really in need of every prayer that we can send. And the rest of the community also needs our prayers. Even though their homes are still standing, the entire community is going to be affected.

If you can, please donate to the Red Cross. They are going out of their way, doing what they do best, helping people. Volunteers, yes, but funds are needed to supply them with the items necessary to help these people. After all, they are also still helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please go to to make your donation. I just did!! It's easy to do!! I know that some organizations are gathering clothing and staples but money is what is really needed. The Red Cross are right there, on the scene and can determine best what is needed.

Keep these people in your prayers, please. They are going to need all the prayers and help that we can send them.

Thank you for your support.