Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another site bites the dust . . . .

Well, it's happened again. Another auction site, Wensy's is closing for good. I didn't even know who Wensy's was, I'd never heard of them but I don't deal in some of the items that they catered to . . . so it's not surprising I didn't know of the site. I do know that the sellers and buyers alike have been left in a lurch.
It seems that start up auction sites begin and then POOF, they are gone . . . . or they start up free and then get greedy and begin charging Final Value fees!! Okay, so . . . . .  you are selling on a site and all of a sudden you get told that you can have that free store BUT they don't have to show your items! They could be behind others in the marketplace. Translation, your items won't show up in the search, someone else's will.
What is a person to do? Simple, come on over to OnlineAuction.com!! For $8 a month, you can begin selling . . . . no listing fees, no final value fees, just $8 a month!! And right now, if you want to be a Founding Member, they are waiving the $100 start up fee and charging $96 for the ENTIRE YEAR!! And only $96 each year thereafter!
This, in my opinion, is the best option because you get a store, auction credits and let's face it, $8 a month IS $96 a year so you might as well go for the big bang! I started out selling at $8 a month and soon realized it would be better with a store! So I waited for a special (like what is running now) and got my store! I don't regret it for a minute!
I run my business my way! I am not censored on what I put in my listings as can happen in other places. And if I have a nonpayer, it doesn't cost me extra to relist the item!! Simple!!
We also have a LIVE customer service! How many sites have that? Usually you send an email off and wait, or you have to read through all the chats to find your answer. Don't get me wrong, we have awesome chats and GREAT people for help but sometimes  you just want customer service, period. And we have both, great customer service, LIVE, and helpful members!
We (OLA members) sell on a down to earth auction site that cares about it's members. The owners have gone to extreme lengths to rebuild the site and it is really getting exciting!! They aren't completely done, but it is amazing at the changes that have taken place this past couple of months! Does that sound like we are going anywhere? Yup!! We are going UP!!
So, come along for the ride!! Fed up with high prices, censorship, closed sites? We ARE making a name for ourselves! We aren't closing down! We aren't raising prices! We are getting better!