Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stock Your Car For Emergencies!

Whew! I am pooped! Just got the kid back to college after Thanksgiving Break. Her college is 3 1/2 hours from our home, so between traveling, catching up, cooking, and cleaning for the holiday, I always seem to get knocked out! Can any of you relate?

Today, while on the expressway, we passed a sign that reminded drivers that it was the season to stock your car for emergencies!

How many of you live in areas where this is a good idea? (For example, any locale that you might expect snow and ice!) And how many of you actually stock the car?

I am a fanatic about things like that. For years, I've carried essentials in the car, especially during the winter months. If you don't, here are some ideas for things that might come in handy one day... and you bet... they're all available at, at prices that won't break the bank! Stay safe!

 Plug-To-Go battery charger / Jumper / New


6 inch 3-wick Cinnamon Scent Candle Red

EVEREADY WP220WB-S Water Proof Flashlight - Energizer Floating Flashlight 

Happy Travels!
From FleaPirates

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!! CYBER-MONDAY!!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!! CYBER-MONDAY!!

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Just look at the sellers that are signed up!! Bargains to be had, folks!!

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"Buy any 3 books, get a 4th book of your choice free! (of equal or lesser value..). Choose books from both curiocache and crittercache, plus I'll end auctions early if desired.

"Buy any 3 books, get a 4th book of your choice free! (of equal or lesser value..). Choose books from both curiocache and crittercache, plus I'll end auctions early if desired.

Free gift with each outgoing package and I don't know what else yet. May do some specials during the game.
I take lay-a-way and will end auctions at games end.

The mystery auction for DraggonTagger will be running (ends 5:30 pm pacific time Tuesday)


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Gifts for the Elderly

Okay, you've thought and thought and haven't come up with any brilliant ideas for Great Grandma or Great Grandpa . . . . . . . again!! What on earth could they possibly want?

Well, to tell you the truth, probably not what you expect!

Do they get cold during the day, sitting and watching television? Get them a lightweight fleece throw. Remember the wrists and hands don't work like yours do, so be sure that it is lightweight. And that goes for bed coverings, too. It's hard when the hands don't work to wrangle those covers up around the neck!

Sweaters can keep a person warm but to a lot of elderly people, they are heavy! They prefer not to wear them because of the weight. So if you do purchase a sweater, again, keep it lightweight.

New fangled gadgets might be all the rage but unless they've been exposed to it before, DON'T get it! That includes fancy digital albums. The elderly just don't understand the technology (heck, I don't understand half the technology) and it is much better to give them a small photo album of actual pictures. Nothing too large, no bigger than 5X7 and not too fat.

If they don't love plants or flowers, don't bother. It is just something that is a waste and they won't enjoy it like you wish that they would.

If they can have sweets, try making some homemade candy, small (small is better for one or two people) loaves of banana bread, date nut bread, or cookies! Most elderly folks love things that are sweet, salty or spicy.

Be cautious of what type diet they may be on. If they are diabetic, there are a lot of sugar free candies that you can purchase. If they are on a low salt and you want to add flavor, Mrs. Dash is great! If they have heart issues, watch the dark chocolates. It causes palpitations in some if they eat too much! Stick to milk chocolate.

If they still do their own shopping, a gift card to their favorite store is a blessing! Let's face it, they aren't getting rich on social security and this might make a huge difference!!

And if they have pets, don't forget them! Find out what they feed the dog or cat and pick up a bag. It doesn't cost that much and saves them valuable cash!

If you have the time, make coupons for them so that they can redeem them for a dinner, laundry help, cleaning, whatever they might need.

If they like to read, perhaps a library card might be the thing! Offer to pick up books and take them back. Most elderly people really don't want more books laying around after reading them. Some libraries even have shut-in deliveries! They also have AUDIO BOOKS!! These would be great for those who have a hard time reading.

There are a lot of ideas to help your elderly relatives and friends. And it doesn't have to cost a lot because they are not interested in bigger and better. They are interested in comfort, warmth, food, shelter and the ability to remain independent for as long as they can.

So this season, think long and hard before buying that item. Will they be able to use it? Will they WANT to use it? Will they actually enjoy it? You know the person and what they actually use day to day so use that as your think pad!!

If you ARE looking for something in particular, please check out We have lots of sellers that are going to be joining in Cyber Monday sales and we'd love to have you stop in and browse!!

And if you have time, check out our store Korn Kountry Treasures! We have recently decorated for the holidays!!


After selling on the internet for 13 years on sites like ebay and yahoo I am truly amazed at the amount of friendship and caring and sharing found here on OLA. I just wish I had found this site years ago. I know there would have been a lot of sweeter and easier times.

I want to share with you how two ladies are caring and sharing for others this year. If you go to the "OLA CAFE" in the chats you will see a thread called "A Xmas gift from Jas and Ace". They are sharing their talents on posting things on your store for you if you do not know how to do it.

Being one who is having trouble navigating the system I truly apppreciate these ladies who are giving of their time and talents.

The best gifts that can be given are gifts of time. Take time to do something nice for someone else and see how it makes you feel. I know that makes me feel very good.

We have a widow who lives down the road and she is 82 years of age. We see her on her roof sweeping leaves and it upsets us. Al has told her dozens of times let him do it. Being very independent she refuses to let him or another gentleman who lives close to do it. She has children but we very seldom see them around. When I bake I stop and give her some bread or cookies. Makes me feel good. Just wish she would let us help her with her garden and also those pesky leaves on her roof.

Got off the subject a little. I just wanted to say to Jas and Ace that you two are amazing ladies to do this for those of us who appreciate all the help we can get.

To see what these special people offer other than their time you can visit Ace at:

And Jas at: 


Read Blogs...Follow the Links...Enjoy!!


Our friend Z'anne is such an arty talented peerson.  I read her short blogs and quite often come away with some wonderful links.  The picture above is from an enjoyable blog that 'spits' out talent at us.  Take a moment and check it out  StreetArtUtopia 

Z'oodle Note Cards are Zentangle done by by Z'annes Bazaar



Here is another very talented artist... annimae

This has been hand painted on a vintage hand thats talent.

There are so many artists with their offerings on Online Auction

If you just want to see collectibles then please take a few and browse my store...Supergrannys Treasures

For example here's a vintage piece of McCoy Art Pottery
CLICK HERE to View My Item

Photobucket Now that is a beautiful art deco style planter display called Silhouette Planter.

Christmas Hint #27 -- After Christmas Shopping

After Christmas shopping hints:

Don’t just think Christmas. All occasion gift wrap is outrageously priced, but half-price Christmas wrap is a steal, so look for the solid colors and tissue paper that can be used all year round. The shiny wrap can be used inside out when you need gift wrap and it doesn’t matter if the other side is Christmasy.

Look in the unexpected store departments for after Christmas markdowns. The fabric, housewares, home d├ęcor, and furniture departments may yield some great finds that most people overlook.

Check out the Sellers Specials category at OLA for some real bargains.

Rocks in my head tonight..

...been thinking about trying to find a little meteorite for my brother for Christmas, and got sidetracked looking at cool mineral specimens! Haven't found the meteorite yet (at least one that is WELL under $20,000!) but did run across some interesting things at!

Amazing natural free-from Boulder Opal  - nearly 30cts! But only $12.95! From theshoppezone!

Stunning Labradorite - hard to see in photos, but the sheen is like oil-on-water and changes as the light hits it differently. Beautiful! This beauty is from houseofstones

Instant collection! 120 tumbled rocks! Great deal from maggiemaybecrafty!

Purty Agate pendent!!! Find this and others from robinsgoneshopn!

And speaking of Agate... how about a carved Agate dolphin?  From curiocache!

Gotta keep my mind on Christmas meteorites!! Hard to when there's so many great gift ideas from
the fine sellers at!