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Happy Labor Day! Christmas shop early...

Happy Labor Day....remember to put your white shoes and bags away today.......

When Labor Day has come and gone, the BBQ mess is all cleaned up then people start turning their thoughts to the upcoming holidays. Decisions decisions....

Halloween...what kinds of candy should I give the neighborhood kids...or do I want to dress up as Maxine or Father Time? All I have to do is get dressed and I'm there....

Thanksgiving...which to serve...turkey or ham? or maybe we should just make a small package of Jello and go to the Senior Center pot luck?

Christmas...make my lists...check my drawers and closets for gifts to re-gift...Photobucket . Start my shopping at all the Sellers at Online Auction. Here's a suggestion for the family with kids who love to be served desserts or even oatmeal in a fancy bowl....
Contemporary Glass Sherbet Ice Cream Dessert Dish Bowl
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STA-RITE Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump 1/2 HP water pumps

I recently listed these two (2) STA-RITE Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump 1/2 HP, water pumps, in my store at
These are listed for Local Pickup only because the shipping is excessive. Located in the Hampton Roads, Tidewater, Virginia Area.

Pump 2 was used from January, 2009 until February, 2009.
More details about this STA-RITE Deep Well Jet Pump here.

Below is water pump number 1. The one that we "thought" had to be replaced! Used from May, 2007 until January, 2009. More details about this STA-RITE Deep Well Jet Pump here.

and don’t forget
I sell under this user name.

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