Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Wannabe Blogger Blogging

I say a wannabe blogger blogging because I am trying to do this and get it right. I have done it before during the challenge FleaPirates had and I did it right so I am wondering why I cannot do it right now.

So here it goes another try before I make another call to her for help. I will be blogging items from my store only so if I do not get it right I will not mess others up.

This is the first of these I had posted

Pierced Fashion Earrings

Pretty Green PauA Shell Dolphin Post Earrings

Heart in Heart Earrings

So if I did this right I will not have to make a call and if I did it wrong I will be calling.

Thanks for viewing my blog test and I hope you visit my store at chateycathey to see what else I am offering at this time. While you are there you can go to the top and do a search for items by listing it in the search which will take you to other sellers stores offering those items you are looking for on OLA the only place for buyers and sellers are equally treated.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy

OLA Swansea

I would like to introduce  you to's first licensed consignment store!!! Located in Swansea, MA, they offer a wide variety of items in behalf of their cosigners!! I was amazed at what I found in their store!!




They have TONS of coins, stamps and LOTS of jewelry, plus LOTS of LOTS!!

So, check this out!! A huge variety of things to choose from!! And don't forget there are other great stores to shop in!! Great sellers and great prices!!
Thank you!! And we would be honored if you chose to browse through our store while you are at it ~ KornKountryTreasures!!