Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting back in gear . . . . . .

Well, we've been gone awhile, visiting my dad who lives in Montana. It seems just the other day that we left but it was actually the beginning of October, so please pardon me while I try to get everything back in shape.
I usually go through a spell, buying the wrong thing at the grocery store because I'm thinking "I just bought this!!" only to find it was at DAD'S house when I get home!! LOL!! And write a list?? Never!! Oh, well, it does get better!!
So, I'm trying to get everything caught up and realized that it is only 7 weeks and a few days til Christmas!! So, are you looking for something to make? ideas for decorating? cookie recipes? It just so happens, we have a bunch, and I mean a bunch of craft books, magazines, and Christmas cookie cookbooks.






So, if you are looking for ideas, recipes, or just enjoy craft books, take a look in our store . . . we are busily getting things relisted after being gone and always offer combined shipping whenever possible!!
And while you are looking for those hard to find gifts, don't forget to browse through the other stores on!! Lots of great sellers and fabulous buys!!
Thank you and happy hunting!!