Sunday, January 31, 2010

Additional Discount see if you can find the 3

We are having a week moment, and went in our store and dropped the price of 3 of our plaques and will keep them for 1 week only, but you have to look in the store to find them. These prices are below what we can make them for, and they are very beautiful.
Stop by the store and check them out:
Good Luck all and remember to check out all the sales on week 1 of the stimulus this week

First Edition of Weeny Witch by Ida DeLage in Pristine Condition at

Weeny Witch Unused First Edition by Ida DeLange in Pristine Condition at

This book is no longer in print. It is rare to find, especially in this condition! Printed in 1968, the few copies I've been able to find online for sale, have been in 'good but used' condition at best, and run about $140.00 (average for 'good' condition). The one I have was probably never read. The pages have NO wear whatsoever. The spine has NO cracks. It looks and smells absolutely brand new!

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