Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roseville Silhouette Nude Fan Vase 783-7

~ Roseville Silhouette Nude Fan Vase ~

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Here for your consideration is One of the Most sought after of all of the Roseville art pottery pieces...

The Reclining Nude Fan Vase in Burgundy...

This beauty has been on my Living Room Mantle for the past 20 years...

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Marked Roseville U.S.A 783-7"

As it should be, this piece is Authentic...and is in Perfect, MINT Condition.

roseville1.jpg (26862 bytes)

As you can tell by my close-up photos...

roseville2.jpg (31240 bytes)

What a Beauty...

Made in the early 1950s, this piece was probably never used.

I can tell you I have never used it!

roseville3.jpg (19131 bytes)

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